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The Cedar Cultural Center is a 501c3 non-profit all-ages music venue located in Minneapolis, MN. The Cedar’s mission is to promote inter-cultural appreciation and understanding through the presentation of global music and dance. More info at hit counter
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Thu, 11/06/2014 - 11:46am

The world we live in today is a place where musicians and celebrities alike are idolized and put on a pedestal, separate from all of us. They are put there for many reasons. Therefore, few of them are truly the examples the world expects them to be. Chadwick Stokes of popular bands Dispatch and State Radio is one of the few that are and this Saturday night, everyone in the Twin Cities area has a chance to see how. Stokes will be playing live with Ark Life at the Cedar Cultural Center Saturday, November 8, 2014 at 8:00pm. And don’t worry, tickets are still available for those that previously weren’t aware of this glorious opportunity.

Other than being a fantastic musician, his activism, advocacy, and overall humble nature sets him up as an artist to know and respect. First off, he is not your run-of-the-mill touring musician. His van runs on biodiesel (a.k.a. vegetable oil) and his most recent tour was spent playing in fans’ living rooms across the country (check out this mini documentary). Coming from a man who sold out Madison Square Garden three nights in a row, it’s refreshing that Stokes chose this way to raise money for his upcoming solo album. Throughout the tour, he played especially intimate shows and couch surfed in fans’ houses. The album it funded, The Horse Comanche, is set to release in February 2015 and will be Stokes’ second solo studio album.

Stokes does a lot more than just defy the typical famous musician stereotype, however. In an effort to make his life more than just the inside of venues, Stokes has also participated in many service projects and started multiple nonprofit organizations. Rather than join a cause and preach to fans about its importance, Stokes sees service projects as a collaboration with the fans. If he’s asking you to get down in the dirt and help out a cause, you can bet he’s already done the same.  Not to mention, this weekend, $1 of all tickets to Saturday’s concert goes to the non-profit Calling All Crows that Stokes co-founded.

Ultimately, if you make it to the show this weekend, you’ll be supporting a musician who does a lot more for the world than just create good music. That being said, his music is also really really good.

Mackenzie - Marketing InternThe Cedar Cultural Center