Wandering Aimlessly

I found myself thumbing through a back issue of Wired a while back in which they proclaimed the web dead, in their usual three inch upper case hyberbole.  What the authors seemed to be getting at was that we just don't browse the way we did a few years ago.  A much higher percentage of internet traffic in filtered through apps, peer to peer sites, and social networking these days.

I''m not anti-app and I like a good shortcut most of the time, so while I don't dispute that basic premise, it did cause me to muse a bit on whether the current model is the best way to find information.  Yeah , I know, if you want to find out something, just look it up. Google it.  But what about when you're not quite sure what you're looking for.  Don't quite have those search terms refined.  Feeling more like wandering from site to site, link hopping, until you head down that wonderful wormhole (to borrow Veronica Fever's vocabulary) and come up with something totally unexpected and great.

What about the thrill of the random?  The virtual Blue Highways? Tripping off the edge of the sidewalk?  Serendipidy ? Or to think of it another way, in the words of one critic of  Tiger Mother Amy Chua's method of childraising, “Yes, you can brute-force any kid to learn to play the piano—just precisely like his or her billion neighbors” is how one of the comments on the Wall Street Journal s Web site put it. “But you’ll never get a Jimi Hendrix that way.”

So with that as my theme, I'm tossing out the road map and bringing you a few tidbits tonight from places that I originally just stumbled upon.

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I  think I just want to marry dj Moos. (The Global Groover blog guy.)  Last week he re-posted a sweet vintage Orchestre Baobab record called 75 and this week he's got the Star Number One release jangaake  from 1976.   One could think of this band as a Star Band spinoff or just some sweet classic m'balax.  Either way, I am getting more and more into the vinyl rips he puts up.  What's a little pop or scratch, a fidelity level somewhere below high?  It's part of the vintage sound.  Sheesh, better bookmark that Oro blog, too.  Although it's mostly in French, did you see that list of posts on vintage stuff from Benin?  That's 56 posts on Orchestre Poly-Rythmo alone.  Oh, he's in Benin. OK. Yow.

orchestre baobab 75


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So why not have your listening be topical this week, yeah?  Here are a few suggestions.

egypt map


Diaspora's A Jamaican in Cairo - British reggae and dub intertwined with middle Eastern sounds.  I like the Amina Anabi track. (samples at the previous link.) More info here.

Spy from Cairo - Secretly Famous  OK, I wrote a whole post on this last fall, but hey, it's a lot of fun.  Aka "The audio equivalent of good hashish."


Ooh, and  this is not bad either, if a bit more on the chill side, a collaboration of one of the Spy from Ciaro's alter ego's (ZEB) and dj Nikodemus, who has done some killer remixes of Balkan Beat Box.  Yummy.

...and since the Egyptian vice president's name is Omar Suleiman, (really!) let's hear something from the be-shaded man who rocks the keffiyah, the other Omar Souleyman.



*  *  *  *  *  *  *

And on the other side of the globe, and just because I keep stumbling across it, I may actually have to buy this record instead of listening to it online whenever I sit down. A great mix of Latin, Caribbean and African stylings, both current and vintage, by the London dj crew famous for their Sofrito warehouse parties. I'm talking the music, not the spice blend. Which tastes great but has MSG, y'know. No such adulturants or preservatives needed for the Tropical Discotheque album. Here's a little Soundcloud mini-mix. Extremely tasty.

sofrito cover art

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Not quite last, and certainly not least, check out the latest decor in the Cedar's Green Room.  I told you we were working on it, didn't I?  Events Directors Mark and Micheal pulled a late night poster session last month.

cedar green room

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Finally, it's really the end of football season, so I will leave you with the following image.  That's all you need to know.


Gil cheese head

Oh wait, Kings Go Forth this Friday at the Cedar.  Home fried soul all the way from MIlwaukee!  Don't forget to put the Bill Frisell show on your calndar now because it's a Tuesday night, February 22nd.