Cedar Commissions Guest Blog: Ritika Ganguly

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Composer and vocalist Ritika Ganguly is one of six 2017 Cedar Commissions artists. Her project, debuting on February 3rd (get tickets here), is a place where poem meets song. It explores the inherent musicality of literature straddling 19th century Bengal to contemporary New Delhi to Victorian England to 20th century Chile. Ganguly is collaborating with Mexican and Indian musicians to render […]

Cedar Commissions Guest Blog: SEE MORE PERSPECTIVE

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MC and spoken word artist SEE MORE PERSPECTIVE is one of six 2017 Cedar Commissions artists. His project Flow and the Bow, a collaboration with cellist Eric Silva Brenneman, is debuting on February 4th (get tickets here). Experimenting around the intersection between hip-hop and classical music, Eric and SEE are exploring and testing the dynamics between “one […]

Cedar Commissions Guest Blog: Krissy Bergmark

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Composer and tabla player Krissy Bergmark is one of six 2017 Cedar Commissions artists. Her project, debuting on February 4th (get tickets here), is built upon an intimate, emotional story line created through a “compositional conversation” with dancer Lauren Baker. Bergmark and Baker have exchanged excerpts of music and choreography to create a three movement piece for tabla, […]

Interview: Nick Jordan


Nick Jordan is a fresh-faced R&B act based out of the Twin Cities. The care Jordan puts into his live shows has set him apart from the pack and drawn on his strength as both a musician and mover. He recently released his debut EP: NJ. NJ is a true ode to Jordan’s musical upbringing, […]

2016 at The Cedar by the Numbers

Cedar 2016

Dear Friend, It’s not too late to make a donation to The Cedar in 2016! Your support is critical to helping The Cedar continue to serve as a hub for great music and a powerful source of intercultural unity in Minnesota. Here’s a look at what we accomplished this year with the help of our […]

Interview: Destiny Roberts

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– Ines Guanchez, 2016 Fall Marketing and Content Intern Female emcee and entrepreneur Destiny Roberts blends hip hop and neo soul together to bring forth empowering and uplifting messages through her music. Her recent album, Just A Reminder, contains social commentary on police brutality. It also includes her song “Glow”, which encourages ‘embracing female empowerment […]

Waayaha Cusub Discuss Their Music & Message on KVSC 88.1


This October, Waayaha Cusub, a Somali hip-hop collective that has performed worldwide promoting peace, visited Minneapolis, Mankato and St. Cloud as part of their Midnimo residency. In this interview on KVSC 88.1 in St. Cloud, they discussed their music, their message, and becoming a “band of the people.” Midnimo, the Somali word for “unity,” is […]

The Grace & Dalmar Show – Episode 5

G&D Show

It’s the 5th episode of the Grace and Dalmar Show! This episode features 9th Annual Dosh & Friends with Guitar Party and JT Bates & Anthony Cox​ (12/10), Blackout ft. Joe Davis, Nick Jordan, and Destiny Roberts​ (1/7), and Dan Newton’s Cafe Accordion Orchestra​ (1/14). The Grace & Dalmar Show is a short web series […]

Interview: Dosh, Minnesota’s favorite one-man band


December 10th is the ninth annual Dosh & Friends show! Dosh will perform with Guitar Party and JT Bates & Anthony Cox, with walk-in music provided by the Guitarkestra of Minnesota. Having been a part of the Minnesota music scene since his early teenage years, Dosh is known for his versatility and unique ability to fill a room as a multi-instrumentalist one man […]