SOLD OUT: Lizz Winstead in LIZZ 2013: The Windbag Beneath My Wings with musical guest Sam Breckenridge (New Year's Eve)

Tuesday, December 31, 2013 - 8:00pm

$65 VIP ticket; Seated show

Lizz 2013 A Year In Review flyer

The Cedar is proud to welcome The Daily Show co-creator, comedian and Twin Cities native Lizz Winstead for two nights to perform her annual hilarious and blistering review of 2013.

Five years ago, Lizz Winstead started an amazing Twin Cities tradition of doing a New Year's Eve show, taking all of the insanity over the course of a year and presenting it in an amazing multi-media trip down memory lane. The shows have become so popular she has expanded to multiple nights!

Nothing is better than Winstead’s annual dismemberment of the body politic. And whoa, 2013 had some doozies.

Winstead had barely enough time to mourn the fact that Michele “The satirists meal ticket” Bachmann was leaving Congress when BOOM! Insanity’s fluffer, Ted “Carnival” Cruz stepped up to fill the void. As Winstead says, “When the comedy gods close a door they also open a window.”

The war on women raged with Wendy Davis leading the charge in Texas, and in DC, the war on everyone still rages on as The House Of Representatives voted to defund ObamaCare and proposed to replace it with WeDontCare.

And WTF was up with the NSA, IRS and NRA? So many acronyms, so little time.

So while Syria, Russia and Nigeria had us looking at a doomsday scenario…wait! Iran elected a guy who says Shalom and the Vatican elected a pope who is totally dope!

These are just a few of the topics that made 2013 the gift that keeps on giving--just ask Paula Dean. And Michael Douglas!! Oh dear, Michael Douglas.

Yes 2013 was a robust comedic rollercoaster and Winstead covers it all with her signature razor sharp wit and insights. No one is exempt from a comedic jab!

“Lizz 2013: The Windbags Beneath My Wings” is a great way to ring in the New Year and get one last laugh at the fools on the hill, and everywhere else they reside.

We all need a break from the madness and the way Lizz Winstead rips her comedy straight from the headlines, it’s just the catharsis we need.

BONUS: With Obamacare kicking in January of 2014, if you laugh your ass off, it won’t be
considered a preexisting condition!

Local acoustic guitarist Sam Breckenridge will provide music while you are getting yourself comfortably seated, and ahead of Lizz taking the stage shortly after 8pm.

This is an early show, leaving you plenty of time to continue your New Year's Eve celebrations and see in the New Year wherever you choose to go after the show.

Ticket options and info

  • On sale date: SOLD OUT!
  • VIP ticket: includes Center Section seating, a meet & greet with Lizz after the show, and a beverage of your choice (we'll have festive sparkling wine available). 
  • The Cedar is an all ages venue
Lizz Winstead portrait
As co-creator and head writer of Comedy Central’s “The Daily Show”, Lizz Winstead has changed the way people get their news and react to politics forever. Next she took her unique satiric voice to the radio waves, co-founding Air America Radio and...
Sam Breckenridge playing guitar
Sam Breckenridge is an accomplished Twin Cities-based finger-style acoustic guitarist and composer. A self-taught musician, Sam quickly established his presence in the Minneapolis music scene in 1999 as the principal songwriter of the acoustic duo "Afterall...

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