Modern Radio Record Label

Modern Radio is an independent and do-it-yourself record label based out of Minnesota. The label was founded in the Spring of 1999 by Tom Loftus to document a growing community of artists in the Twin Cities area. The first release to come out was the CD/LP "Dead End Expressway" by the Misfires and was followed very shortly by a 7" for the Hidden Chord and a split 7" between Killsadie and Brand New Unit. Peter Mielech began helping with the label and became a partner officially in 2005.

The focus of the label is to support the artists and provide an atmosphere where they can focus on their art. We are following in a long tradition of artist-oriented independent record labels where profits are secondary to the creative process. Ultimately we are simply music fans who want to share the music we love.

Historically, the majority of the artists we're worked with have been or are currently based out of the Twin Cities. We are proud of the place we live and to be part of such a vibrant arts community. We have never limited our scope to the Twin Cities and have worked with a number of artists from around the US.