Who even listens to WMCN?

WMCN music festival
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3 years 23 weeks ago

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UPDATE: Just added at the $30 incentive level: notebooks handmade using recycled paper and drawings.

Who even listens to WMCN? Few people know that Macalester College Radio has been an active force in the Mac-Groveland community since the 1930s. As the smallest free-form  radio station in the Twin Cities, WMCN celebrates all kinds of programming; everything from kitschy dance music to crusty punk to radio memoir. For one night, Thursday, February 21, we’ll bring together some of our favorite bands to create a mini-music festival with 5 bands from Macalester and the greater Twin Cities area each playing a short set. Bands scheduled to perform:


The Velveteens

Bad Bad Hats


Is Home Is

The festival will also feature art from Macalester student groups, including screen printing, photography, painting, poetry, jewelry, and prose, this is an arts and music festival you won’t want to miss!

If we do not meet our goal by January 28, the event will not take place. Pledge now to reserve your ticket. Thanks for supporting WMCN!


How Cedar Seeder works: Music and art patrons like you pledge money to support specific projects. If we are able to raise the required amount by the due date, we charge your credit card, the project happens, and you receive the gifts for your level of giving. If we don't raise the required amount by the due date, the project doesn't happen and your credit card is not charged.

1. Create a username for Cedar Seeder. If you already have one, go ahead and log in. When you click "Support This Project," at the top of the page  you'll be asked to create a username and password, or you can also log in through your Facebook account.

2. Make your pledge. Look over the incentive levels and select the amount of your donation. You may also select your own amount.

3. Cedar Seeder is a safe and secure site. Make sure to enter in the correct contact and payment information.

Your credit card will not be charged unless we receive $2,067 in pledges by January 28th.

All tickets will be held at Will Call under the name on your credit card and can be claimed at The Cedar on the night of the show.

Cedar Seeder is currently the only way to reserve tickets for this performance. Once the goal has been reached, tickets will go on sale through all regular Cedar outlets.

You will be able to pick up your items on the night of the show at the merch table inside The Cedar's hall.

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Dec 10th

First donation whoo!

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Kelsey Woida

Dec 11th
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Sam Landsberg

Dec 11th
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Snoon McWilliams

Dec 11th
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Dec 11th
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Anna McFall

Dec 12th
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Nolan Levenson

Dec 14th

you guys are awesome! missing WMCN so much.

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Claire Laine

Dec 14th
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Martha Rigby

Dec 15th
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Dec 17th
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Jared Willard

Dec 17th
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Sam Tygiel

Saint Paul
Dec 18th
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Dec 18th
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Saint Paul
Dec 22nd
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Sean Ryan

Dec 23rd
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Tiny Tiger

Dec 24th
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St. Paul
Dec 27th
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Nicky Whittredge

Dec 27th
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Mollie Siebert

Dec 28th
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Rob Gelberg

Dec 30th
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Alex Vega-Byrnes

Dec 30th
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Los Angeles
Dec 30th
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Kyle Rosenberg

Dec 31st
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Wren Brennan

Dec 31st
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Jan 6th
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John Kreitzberg

Jan 6th
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Jan 11th
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Jan 11th

This is strictly a donation to try to get you to the target amount - I do not need any tickets. Thank you!

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Kate Agnew

Jan 13th
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St. Paul
Jan 14th
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Jan 15th
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Saint Paul
Jan 18th
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Paul Williams

Jan 20th

WMCN-Radio Station of the Gods and Goddesses

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Hannah Gemrich

Jan 20th
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Scott Hurlow

Jan 20th
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St. Paul
Jan 21st
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Jan 21st
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Kate Mohan

Jan 21st


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Sarah Shoemaker

Jan 21st
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St Paul
Jan 21st
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Jesse Goldblum

Jan 21st
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Rose Holdorf

Jan 23rd
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Jan 23rd
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Jan 24th
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Jan 24th
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St. Paul
Jan 24th
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St. Paul
Jan 24th
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Jan 24th

Sarah is my legal name. Emmy is preferred. Billing and home address match.

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Chris Hoge

Jan 24th

Wooo woooooo!

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Huntington beach
Jan 25th
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Charles McClung

Jan 25th
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Jan 25th
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Saint Paul
Jan 25th
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Vanessa Barrera

Jan 25th
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Ariel Sehr

Jan 26th


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Samilee Moody

Jan 26th
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Jan 26th
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Anna Binkovitz

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Jan 26th
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Jan 26th
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Jan 26th
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Katie Rank

Jan 26th
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Jan 26th
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Aron Thomas

Jan 26th
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Jan 27th
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Saint Paul
Jan 27th