North American Super Stars Midnimo Residency February 8-14, 2015

North America Super Stars is a collective of Somali artists that performs in various configurations around the Twin Cities and beyond. The group includes vocalists Dalmar Yare and Hodan Abdirahman, founding members of the foremost Somali Hip Hop group Waayaha Cusub.


They are joined for this residency by Ilkacase and Iskalaji with backing instrumentation performed by Augsburg College students and alumni, led by Bob Stacke of the Augsburg Music Department, and with special guests Abdulwahab Nagi and Harbi from the legendary Mogadishu night club group Dur-Dur Band. North America Super Stars is Somali pop at its best, carrying on Somalia’s deep performing arts traditions right here in North America.


Sunday, February 8th 2015
Workshop: “Tell Your Story with Song”
2-5pm, The Cedar Cultural Center
Audiences learned how to craft compelling and inspiring messages using music and storytelling in this hands-on workshop led by Dalmar Yare and Hodan Abdirahman.



Monday, February 9th 2015
Performance at Potted Meet Mondays
7pm, Elsie’s Bowling Center
Improvestra, a local improv orchestra conducted by Adam Conrad, improvise to a Somali tune sung by North America All Stars at Potted Meet Mondays at Elise’s Bowling Center in Northeast. Thanks Bob Stacke, for transcribing those lead sheets!


Tuesday, February 10th 2015
Opening Performance at Augsburg College’s Convocation
10:45am-Noon, Hoversten Chapel, Augsburg College



Living Room Concert
7:30pm, Private Residential Space
Somalis and non-Somalis danced to the music of North America Super Stars at a Living Room Concert in Southwest Minneapolis.



Wednesday, February 11th 2015
Educational Program for Lincoln International High School
10-11am, The Cedar


Classroom Visit- “Topics in the Muslim World” with faculty member Maheen Saman
3:10pm, Augsburg College


Classroom Visit- “Gender and Globalization” with faculty member Sarah Combellick-Bidney
4:00pm, Augsburg College


Thursday, February 12th 2015
Meet the Artists Dinner

5-7pm, East Commons, Augsburg College
Saturday, February 14th 2015


Pre-Show Reception for Students
7-8pm, Malabari


North America Super Stars Residency Finale Concert
8pm, The Cedar Cultural Center


hodan & dalmar-nass rez

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