Maryan Mursal Midnimo Residency Nov 1 – 14, 2015

One of the first professional female singers in Somalia in the 1960s, Maryan Mursal was a star in her homeland while she was still in her teens. Absorbing every influence she could find, she blended Western and African sounds to pioneer the popular qaraami style, now known as “Somali Jazz.”


When civil war broke out in the 1990s, she fled the country with her children, traveling on foot for seven months to Djibouti. After gaining asylum in Denmark, Mursal recorded and released her debut autobiographical album The Journey on Peter Gabriel’s Real World Records (1998), which brought her worldwide recognition. Her 10-day residency at The Cedar in the fall of 2015 included public discussions, workshops, community events, and a grand finale performance.


Friday, October 30th 2015
Airport Welcome!
5pm, Minneapolis/Saint Paul International Airport
Maryan Mursal’s Arrival in Minneapolis. It is a Somali tradition to welcome out-of-town guests by meeting them at the airport and making them feel at home. The airport welcome was followed by a welcome dinner at Afro Deli.


Wednesday, November 4th 2015
Education Program with Cedar Riverside Community School and Sanford Middle School
1pm, The Cedar Cultural Center
Students learned first-hand about Maryan Mursal’s artistic process, inspiration, cultural background, and history through performance, discussion, and Q&A.



Saturday, November 7th 2015
Living Room Concert
7pm, Private Residence
Maryan Mursal performed live for an intimate crowd of Cedar supporters


Sunday, November 8th 2015
Workshop: “Women of Cedar Riverside” in partnership with West Bank Community Coalition
4-6pm, The Cedar Cultural Center
Maryan Mursal led women of all ages in storytelling, singing, and dance.


Tuesday, November 10th 2015
Classroom Visit: “Music, Society and Cultures” with University of Minnesota music faculty member Matt Rahaim
8-9:30am, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis
Maryan Mursal shared her background, told her stories, and taught students to sing some of her songs in Somali.


Cedar Riverside Health Commons 4th Annual Celebration
6-7:30pm, The Cedar Cultural Center
Health Commons is a free multicultural health center operated by Augsburg College Department of Nursing, Fairview Health Services, East Africa Health Project, and People’s Center Health Services. This event celebrated the center’s 4th Anniversary and highlighted the connection between health and the arts through discussion, storytelling and poetry by Maryan Mursal and Augsburg Music Therapy Faculty.



Thursday, November 12th 2015
Classroom Visit: “Music, Society and Cultures” with University of Minnesota music faculty member Matt Rahaim
8-9:30am, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis
A continuation of the Tuesday session with Maryan Mursal.



Cedar Riverside Multicultural Dinner
5-7pm, Brian Coyle Center
This neighborhood event, celebrating the food and arts of Cedar Riverside community residents, is attended by more than 300 guests each year. Maryan Mursal taught attendees one of her songs, which was be performed with community participation during the finale performance on November 14.



Friday, November 13th 2015
Classroom Visit: “Introduction to Music” and “Music Business”with Augsburg faculty members Merilee Klemp and Dain Estes joined by KAUG Radio and Concert Promotion Group and students from Prescott High School
11:30-12:30pm, Augsburg College
Maryan Mursal shared her songs and experience with music students participating in a variety of residency-related projects.


Live In-Studio Performance on 89.3 KCMP The Current
Maryan Mursal sang one of her favorites Lei Lei (“I Feel Alone”), during a live, in studio performance with The Current.



Saturday, November 14th 2015
Maryan Mursal Residency Finale Concert with New Sound Underground
8pm, The Cedar Cultural Center
Maryan Mursal performed with a live band including artists from around the world with whom she has shared the stage over her lifelong career, along with Minnesota musicians.


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