The Cedar Commissions 2012-13

2012-13 Commissions
The 2012-13 Commissions featured Ted Moore, Nathan Hanson, Maria Isa, David Gerald Sutton, Miriam Gerberg, Pooja Pavan, and Nicholas Gaudette.
In 2010, The Cedar launched a new commissioning program built on the success of its 416 Club, a longstanding series featuring local musicians and collaborations at The Cedar. Now known as The Cedar Commissions, each year the program enables Minnesota-based artists to create and perform innovative new work. To date, the series has supported the creation of new music by more than 30 emerging artists. This program is made possible with support from the Jerome Foundation.
Sunday, January 6, 2013
Ted Moore

Inspired by the Epic of Gilgamesh, Moore is composing a piece for string quartet and live audio processing. He will be using SuperCollider, an open source programming language for processing live and recorded sounds. Moore is influenced by diverse genres of music, including the Romantic music of Beethoven, the musique concrete of Francis Dhomont, and jazz greats such as John Coltrane and Thelonious Monk. Moore is currently exploring the possibility of incorporating an educational component to the project through collaboration with students in local English classes.


Sunday, January 13, 2013
Nathan Hanson

Inspired by Bulgarian choral compositions, Big band saxophone sections, jazz, blues, and electronica, St. Paul resident Hanson will be composing music for a choir of six saxophones. The all-star lineup includes George Cartwright, Scott Fultz, Nathan Hanson, Pat Moriarty, Pat O’Keefe, and Donald Washington. Improvisation in many different facets will be incorporated into the performance. An accomplished jazz musician, Hanson has played with legends such as Dizzy Gillespie, Jacques Thollot and Mark Dresser. Hanson regularly plays with his band called Fantastic Merlins. This project is an exploration and tribute to the beautiful and diverse instrument that is the saxophone.
Sunday, January 20, 2013
Maria Isa

Maria Isa presents the Latina Ritual Project, showcasing and honoring Latina women in the Twin Cities through a night of folklore to Latin contemporary music.  Isa collaborated with Adriana Rimpel of the Minneapolis rumba ensemble Malamanya this past summer, to experience and build creative reflections through songwriting during a recent adventure to Puerto Rico last summer.
The Latina Ritual Project is a compilation album under the direction of Isa, which will present a fusion and mix of artist from the Midwest to Puerto Rico.  The project’s first single “Este Amor” features Maria and Adriana who both drive listeners to this 90’s R&B Latino mix about the elevations, escapades and questions of love.
“I am excited to present, celebrate and perform the music inspired by the Latina Ritual Project alongside the many voices, mujeres, individuality and rhythms showcasing the pride in being Latinas, the pride in being Mestizas- of mixed race  influenced by a blend of many rituals in 1 world. I am honored to have been selected by the Cedar and recognized as another artist to participate in this 416 Club Commissions series.” – Maria Isa
Sunday, January 27, 2013
David Gerald Sutton

Electric String Quartet (ESQ) is not a typical instrumental band from the Twin Cities. They are a quartet with loopers and a massive array of effect pedals, enabling a sound more akin to a rock orchestra. As a result of frontman David Gerald Sutton having received the 416 Club Commission Grant, they will be performing a live, recorded concert at the Cedar Cultural Center on Sunday, January 27th. They will be performing their most recent release, The Vertical Horizon, a concept album about Alzheimer’s.
In the last ten years, the number of patients with Alzheimer’s has increased dramatically. It is projected about 7.7 million people will have Alzheimer’s by 2030. Art and music are one of the few things shown to help slow down the effects of Alzheimer’s. ESQ wishes to use this experience and their record to bring awareness to audiences, and to promote understanding of what their loved ones and others with Alzheimer’s are going through.
By partnering with community businesses including AES Violins, and with the support of local and national companies including the Hilgos Foundation, ESQ is proud to be part of a unified force in the fight against Alzheimer’s.
The entire show will be filmed and recorded for a live album/DVD, with a fully staged light/video show and audience interaction. The DVD is planned to be released in April of 2013.
Acoustic synth-rock band Cedar Avenue opens.
Sunday, February 3, 2013
Miriam Gerberg

Multi-talented musician Miriam Gerberg will be applying the compelling improvisation traditions of Turko-Arabic music with the shimmering sounds of the Javanese gamelan. This intersection of two worlds is new and uncharted musical territory. Gerberg will explore this new ground, along with Ensemble Mezze: Music from the Eastern Mediterranean (including Rachel Milloy, Will Kemperman with guests, Iraqi musician Laith Alattar and flamenco guitarist Scott Davies) and The Sumunar Indonesian Gamelan Orchestra (led by Joko Sutrisno and with guest composer Stephen May).
A well-established ethnomusicologist, composer, and founder of The Minnesota Global Arts Institute, Miriam teaches at Hamline University and has had her original music performed across the U.S., in Israel, Palestine, Holland, Australia, Japan, and Sumatra.
Sunday, February 17, 2013
Pooja Pavan

What happens when Eastern and Western music collide? Pooja Goswami Pavan’s “Global Conversations” explores this idea. With the help of bouzouki player Greg Herriges, Pavan will fuse music from her native North India with other folk sounds hailing from The Middle East, Greece, Turkey, Japan, and Brazil. Pavan specializes in North Indian classical and semi-classical music and frequently partners with dance and theater companies such as Pangea World Theater, Katha Dance Theater and Ananya Dance Theater. She has served as an adjunct faculty member at both the University of Minnesota and Macalester College.
Pavan will be performing with: Pavan Allalaghatta (Tabla); Greg Herriges (Guitar, Bouzouki); Tim O’Keefe (Oud, Dumbak, Daf), and Sriram Natarajan (Kanjira, Keyboard, Mridangam).
Sunday, February 24, 2013
Nicholas Gaudette

Composing and performing three different pieces for the upright bass and accompaniment, Nicholas Gaudette will pair each composition with a different style of dance. Each piece is a collaborative exploration with dance artists from a range of cultural backgrounds, and plays with different yet resonant approaches to time signatures, rhythm cycles, and musicality. Gaudette is well versed in matching music with dance. He recently collaborated with the Maggie Bergeron & Company dance company in Minneapolis as well as solo collaborations for performances at the Walker Art Center as well as Bryant Lake Bowl. He routinely plays bass with the Orange Mighty Trio but also dabbles in classical and folk genres. His piece will merge the visual with the aural to test the limits of the instrument and create a compelling new role for the versatile upright bass.