Interview: Oh Pep!

Oh Pep Interview

Oh Pep! playfully combine folk and pop music for a sound that is equal parts fun and forlorn. Composed of vocalist and guitarist Olivia ‘Liv’ Hally and Pepita ‘Pep’ Emmerichs on the violin and mandolin, the band formed after meeting in secondary school, having a shared interest in folk music. The band is close to releasing their debut album, Stadium Cake after a monumental couple of years, including an NPR Tiny Desk Concert, a performance at SXSW and two nominations for Best Folk Roots Album at The Age Music Victoria Awards.

We spoke to the duo to hear about their formation and their future.



Q: How did you go from meeting in secondary school to forming Oh Pep!?

A: Liv and I had known each other for about a year, but hadn’t really
hung out. That all changed when we passed each other in the corridor
one day and Liv spontaneously asked if I would play a song with her.
We had a jam right there on the spot. It must have only been a matter
of weeks before we decided to give us ourselves a band name.

Q: How does Stadium Cake differ from your previous recordings?

A: We worked with Canadian producer Dan Ledwell for Stadium Cake and he
encouraged us to embrace our pop side. We dove into a sound that was
more expansive than ever before.

Q: Is this your first time touring in the states? Has it lived up to
any preconceived notions of what the U.S is like?

A: It’s actually our second tour of the U.S. and our fifth time here in
the past two years. We love it here. I’m not sure we had any
preconceived notions, but the U.S. has been wonderful to us.

Q: What are some underrated Australian bands that you’d like to give a
shout out to?

A: There are so many great Aussie bands. Big Smoke, Julia Jacklin, Mia
Dyson, Raised By Eagles…

Q:What is inspiring you right now?

A: People. We get to meet so many great people when we’re on the road.
It’s an inspiration seeing them do their thing and being part of their
community while we’re in town.