Press: Femi Kuti Interview in City Pages


“I was doing a show in St. Louis yesterday and I was very happy to see the kind of audience that appears at shows. It’s music that brings people together. It’s not about black or white. I’m quite pleased my music isn’t limited to one sector in America. Maybe through the Afrobeat we can bring about peace.”

-Femi Kuti, City Pages Interview

Femi Kuti, the eldest son of Afrobeat legend and decorated Nigerian activist Fela Kuti, has spent a lifetime creating his own identity in the tall shadow of his father’s. In 1986 Femi formed his own band, The Positive Force, with his sisters Yeni and Sola as the lead dancers, where he began establishing himself as an artist independent of his father’s massive legacy. He returns to The Cedar with The Positive Force and openers ZULUZULUU and Worldwide Discotheque DJs tonight, Friday July 15th at The Cedar Cultural Center.

Femi talked with City Pages about Afrobeat in modern America, the music scene in Lagos, and the recent spat of police shootings in America. Read the full interview over at City Pages, and get tickets here.