Press: Doris Duke Charitable Foundation spotlights The Cedar

The Cedar and Midnimo are featured in the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation July grantee spotlight, up now on the DDCF website.  

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Midnimo is The Cedar’s breakthrough program that brings Somali artists from across the globe to Minnesota for multi-week residencies and events that increase understanding of Somali culture through music. Since its launch in October 2014, Midnimo has served over 12,500 audience members, including 2,500 K-12 youth. The Doris Duke Charitable Foundation has been critical to getting this program off the ground and growing strong, following their mission to improve the quality of people’s lives through grants supporting the performing arts, environmental conservation, medical research and child well-being.

“Midnimo has influenced the Cedar-Riverside neighborhood in palpable, positive ways and is expanding outward in Minneapolis. In tandem with the changing demographics nationwide, the population of Minneapolis continues to diversify, especially with regards to the Somali community, which is also growing in smaller towns nearby. Somali and non-Somali residents and leaders in those communities have informed Dorn of their desire for the kind of Midnimo programming that has benefited social cohesion in Cedar-Riverside and the Twin Cities. This fall in St. Cloud, Minn., for example, Midnimo will be will be doing a full residency in October featuring Waayaha Cusub, an Amsterdam-based hip-hop group. Altogether, these local leaders share the belief that society can only prosper when all residents are respected, included and involved.”

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