Photos: Training with Peace Coffee for the Cedar Coffeescape

After a tour & some espresso training from Peace Coffee’s head roaster, the newest cafe in Minneapolis is ready to get up and running!

A project designed and built by youth from the East African community of the Cedar Riverside neighborhood, the Cedar Coffeescape operated by Brian Coyle’s Triple C program builds community between youth and elders while teaching valuable entrepreneurial skills.

The coffee stand’s unique design incorporates modular, mobile blocks that form a “landscape” of tables and seats around the coffee stand, as well as traditional Somali fabric that is backlit with efficient LEDs to illuminate the recognizable and culturally-specific pattern.

The design and build of the coffee stand, documented on this blog, was Phase I of the project. Now complete, it provided youth a chance to explore and implement innovative solutions to our community’s unique challenges such as intergenerational tension and lack of public gathering space, and to develop critical 21st century skills, including intercultural collaboration, community leadership, problem solving, and creative design.

Phase II of the project includes coffee stand operations and the patron experience. Neighborhood youth staff the coffee stand through Triple C, which provides job training, mentorship, and paid positions for youth and young adults.

The coffee stand is currently operating at the Brian Coyle Center but will be moving to The Cedar’s Community Plaza come September. Come get a cup of joe!