Photos: Hackensaw Boys at The Cedar August 6th

August 6th, the Hackensaw Boys brought their rowdy sound to The Cedar, performing after the similarly folksy Tin Can Gin.  Despite this being a seated show, there were plenty of folks up on their feet, stomping along to the group’s energetic performance.

The band played a good number of songs from their new album, Charismo, named after their one-of-a-kind percussion instrument.  This album is the group’s eighth album in their long 17 years together. However, “together” is a relative term, as the group has had over 20 different members throughout their time as a band. What fiddler Ferd Moyse IV describes as the “Hackensaw spirit” has kept the group flexible throughout their frequent changes in lineup, allowing for them to grow while still staying the same.

-Anna Schultz
Cedar Marketing and Content Intern

The Cedar’s mission is to promote intercultural appreciation and understanding through the presentation of global music and dance. The Cedar is committed to artistic excellence and integrity, diversity of programming, support for emerging artists, and community outreach.