Photos: Lee Scratch Perry at The Cedar August 10th

Eighty-year-old Lee Scratch Perry is a pioneer of dub music, with an impressive history of using innovative techniques in his music. In fact, his first well-known song included the creative use of a sample of a baby crying paired with a reggae track. Widely known for his production history, Perry has produced both his own music and that of other musicians throughout Jamaica, the United Kingdom and the United States.  When Perry performed at the Cedar August 10th, there were plenty of attendees paying homage to artists Perry has worked with, many decked out in Bob Marley shirts.

Perry’s performance is highly eccentric, unsurprising considering Perry’s typical fashion choices.  He came on stage in a hat covered in baubles, wearing a bright red tuxedo jacket with his own name painted on the back. He wandered around stage with the confidence of someone who knows he’s good, and that everyone in the room is there for him. Perry is unapologetically himself and that shines through in his performance.

Anna Schultz
Cedar Marketing and Content Intern