Photos: Bombino at The Cedar October 8th

On October 8th, Bombino brought the Tuareggae sound to The Cedar, performing after the lively Teenage Moods. Starting the show off with an acoustic set, Bombino and his band​ established an intimate atmosphere, with most of the audience tapping their feet and nodding to the beat of the talking drums. After a couple acoustic songs, the band switched ​over ​to the electric guitars and the drum set, bringing in an​ atmospheric ​mood that electrified the room. This masterful combination of acoustic and electric sound echoed the themes of peace and tradition that permeated Bombino’s most recent album, Aze​l,​ acclaimed for its one-of-a-kind blend of traditional Tuareg music and reggae.
The Tuareggae sound on Azel was created during previous tours before it was refined and perfected in a studio​, and likewise on Bombino’s current tour, a new sound arose​​. About halfway through Bombino’s set at The Cedar, the bass player ​made the audience laugh when he announced, “we have no idea what Bombino was doing for that song. Maybe you’ll hear that on the next album.” This was an unforgettable moment, as we witnessed the creative process of a musical legend happening right before our eyes on The Cedar stage.

Bethel Gessesse
Cedar Marketing and Content Intern