Photos: Billy Bragg and Joe Henry at The Cedar October 17th

On October 17th, Billy Bragg and Joe Henry brought raw, acoustic folk song from their recent collaborative album to The Cedar’s stage. They are on their US tour following the release of their album, Shine A Light: Songs From the Great American Railroad, an album the two recorded while on a train from Chicago to Los Angeles with the hopes of capturing the beauty of American railroad culture.

During the sold out show, Bragg and Henry established an intimate atmosphere, taking the time to share tidbits and stories from their musical journey in between songs. Halfway through the show, you could have heard a pin drop as Joe Henry paid tribute to the late Mohamed Ali with his song, “Shook Up the World (for Ali).” It was a night full of masterful storytelling from two folk legends paying homage to the histories that have shaped American society.

-Bethel Gessesse
Cedar Marketing and Content Intern