Photos: Waayaha Cusub At The Cedar October 22nd

On October 22nd, Somali hip-hop collective, Waayaha Cusub, sold out The Cedar with a stirring performance of their world renowned Somali hip-hop fusion. Here in Minnesota for the Midnimo Residency, this was their first concert of three in Minnesota with opening act, The Ambassadors. 

The Ambassadors kicked off the show with their uniquely riveting Somali jazz, pop, and rock combination that brought the audience to their feet and set the stage for the rest of the night. The Ambassadors performed most of their songs in Somali, but for some, the band performed a “Holly” (English) version, led by their acoustic guitarist and vocalist, Holly.
Following The Ambassadors, Waayaha Cusub electrified the audience with their spirited raps, sharing a message of peace and freedom to the communities in the Twin Cities. Even with the absence of their female lead, Falis Abdi Mohamud, Waayaha Cusub delivered an unforgettable show, leading some of their songs with just the voices in the audience filling the mainroom with beautiful, Somali lyrics known by heart and sang in unison. Even in this fullness of joy shared in the Somali culture, there was a solidarity among the audience that transcended language, making the show truly memorable.

Bethel Gessesse Marketing/Content Intern