Photos: Aurora at The Cedar November 12

On November 12th, Norwegian artist Aurora brought the captivating sounds of her debut studio album, “All My Demons Greeting Me as a Friend,” to The Cedar, performing after up-and-coming British indie singer, Dan Croll. The nineteen year-old Aurora is a favorite of Twin Cities audiences and local radio station 89.3 The Current. Last time she was in Minneapolis, Aurora sold out 7th Street Entry, so it was no surprise that she was met by an eager full house at The Cedar. Taking to the stage, she instantly created a feeling of home among the audience with her mysterious and warm personality. Her stage presence was breathtaking in a way that went beyond the music. The raw emotion of her voice alone demanded the attention and heart of the members of the audience.

Between songs, Aurora cracked jokes and told stories that made the audience burst into laughter. At one point, she told the all-too-familiar story of how she woke up in the beautiful city of Minneapolis, decided to go for a run, and had one of the worst experiences of her life as she was terribly out of shape.

When she reached the end of her set, Minneapolis was not quite ready for her to go. For her encore, Aurora came back and played one last song, a heartbreaking acoustic cover of the late David Bowie’s, “Life on Mars,” leaving the audience more excited than ever for her return.

Bethel Gessesse
Cedar Marketing and Content Intern