Lizz Winstead Returns for her Annual Year In Review December 30 & 31st

LizzPrinceDoors (1)Lizz Winstead returns in Controversy: A Look Back At 2016, her annual year in review and well, don’t we all need a laugh.

THREE SHOWS (Click to buy tickets):

Fri, December 30, 2016 8pm

New Years Eve: Sat, December 31st, 2016, 2pm

New Years Eve: Sat, December 31th, 2016, 8pm

$45 Advance / $55 Day of show / $65 VIP

President Trump? Guess we need a comedy show! Stat! And who better to walk us through the weirdest year on record than Daily Show co- creator, comedian and Minnesota native, Lizz Winstead. Yep, Lizz Winstead is back with “Controversy” a look back at 2016. This is a year that many are asking, “Do we have to?” And the answer is yes. You will have just finished up blocking many relatives from Facebook after the holidays and you will need something fun to do! This. Is. It.

Our Black president is leaving and our KKK endorsed president will take over. How did we get here? Some say Her emails were worse that his, oh EVERYTHING. Some scream sexism and racism! Some scream “Lock Her up”! Some say a 75-year-old Brooklyn Jewish socialist should have beat them both!

It’s been a year of ups and WTFs and Lizz will cover it all! We mourn the loss of The Sexiest Mutha F***er and celebrate our 1st Somali state rep! And just when we thought it couldn’t get weirder, the Cubs win The World Series! It is an evening of catharsis that you simply don’t want to miss.