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Hi, Cedar Fan! Will you support The Cedar on Give to the MAX Day today? CC-donate-butonHere’s how your gift will make a difference in the coming year:

You will help us present more than 200 all-ages concerts by artists from around the world. As a donor-powered nonprofit, we’re able to present a unique blend of programming that’s not solely driven by ticket sales. That’s what makes The Cedar special!  Nearly any night of the week on our stage, you can find incredible artists from a diverse range of genres that you can’t see anywhere else.

You will make our 9th annual three-day Global Roots Festival free for the entire community for another year. In September 2017, our Global Roots Festival will showcase innovative global musicians in public concerts, K-12 programs, and skills-based workshops designed to increase intercultural understanding. As one audience member in 2016 said, Music and songs have a way of reminding us who we are as human beings.” We couldn’t agree more.

You’ll support Midnimo as it grows throughout the state. Midnimo is a program that features the world’s leading Somali artists in in-depth residencies that include community discussions, activities for youth, pop-up concerts, workshops, campus-based engagement at Minnesota colleges, and finale performances. Named using the Somali word for “unity,” Midnimo is building bridges between generations and cultures and strengthening our community. Speaking about Midnimo, Mayor Betsy Hodges’ Senior Policy Aide Abdi Muse said, “You exceeded our expectation, and I will keep supporting your great work. Truly, you are building One Minneapolis.” During our month-long residency this spring, Midnimo artists will spread the love into greater Minnesota, with full residency activities in the Twin Cities, Mankato, and St. Cloud.

You’ll help local musicians make their mark at The Cedar. With local artist showcases, monthly opportunities for emerging local talent to open for more established touring acts, and our annual Cedar Commissions program supporting the creation of new work by emerging musicians, The Cedar is a hub for Minnesota artists and the audiences that support their work.

You’ll be part of a remarkable legacy. For 28 years, The Cedar has been committed to its mission of promoting intercultural appreciation and understanding through the presentation of global music. Donors like you activate this mission and ensure that The Cedar continues to serve a catalyst for developing community connections, fostering a culture of unity, inspiring positive change, and increasing quality of life for people of all ages and backgrounds through live music.

Thank you for believing in the power of live music!