Photos: The Last Revel and The Lowest Pair November 18th

On November 18th, the Last Revel and the Lowest Pair shook the Cedar with their lively performances of Americana and folk music. Kicking the night off with songs from their recent projects, “Fern Girl and Ice Man,” and “Uncertain as it is Uneven,” The Lowest Pair captivated the audience, telling Midwestern folk stories with just their voices, banjos, and acoustic guitar. Shortly after,  The Last Revel took the stage, picking up the pace with the addition of a bass drum and upright bass. The crowd was stomping their feet and hollering as they played songs from both their recent self-titled album, “The Last Revel,” and their debut album, “Uprooted.” It was a night of delightful Americana from two Minnesota acts.
Both acts donated all of their merchandise proceeds to the peaceful protesters in Standing Rock, raising almost $1,500.

Bethel Gessesse
Cedar Marketing and Content Intern