Letter: Board Chair Galen Hersey


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Dear Cedar Friends and Family,

I’ve been a Cedar concert-goer for over two decades and a Board Member for 14 years, and the best way I’ve found to describe The Cedar is to say, “It feels like home.”

Malian Artist Vieux Farka Touré agreed when he said, “(The Cedar) creates a kind of ambiance, a kind of influence, a kind of… love between people.”

If you’ve ever discovered a new band at The Cedar, connected with strangers over a favorite artist, shared a musical experience with young family members, or been in the crowd when everyone around you was completely absorbed in the moment, then you know this feeling, too. The artist on stage may be from a country you’ve never been to, or your hometown. The room may be filled with people speaking different languages, coming from different ages and backgrounds, but when we’re gathered together at The Cedar, we’re family.

I guess you could say we’ve grown up since our beginnings 28 years ago. We are fulfilling our mission in new ways with artist residencies, hands-on workshops, and commissions, inside and outside our walls. Music has been the constant. It anchors our mission and creates a space where we can all feel at home. That’s why I support The Cedar. I hope you will, too. Your support is crucial to ensuring that what we’ve built here together co2ntinues to grow.

Will you join me in making your 2016 contribution today?

Thank you!


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Galen Hersey

Chair, Cedar Board of Directors