Interview: Destiny Roberts


– Ines Guanchez, 2016 Fall Marketing and Content Intern

Female emcee and entrepreneur Destiny Roberts blends hip hop and neo soul together to bring forth empowering and uplifting messages through her music. Her recent album, Just A Reminder, contains social commentary on police brutality. It also includes her song “Glow”, which encourages ‘embracing female empowerment and the beautiful uplifting of one’s melanin’. Destiny Roberts will be one of three artists performing in Blackout: Representation of Empowerment, on January 7th, 2017 . Tickets are $12 advance/$15 day of show, and available at

We spoke to Destiny in advance of the show.


Question: When did you begin making music? What inspired you to do so?

Answer: I started making music when I was 10. That’s the age I started producing and recording my music. What truly inspired me is being in a family who all share a love and talent for music, it sort of runs in the family.

Question: You’ve said in the past that you’re aiming to address issues such as police brutality in your work. What do you think the role of music is in changing society?

Answer: Music has always played a role in society. Culturally, Music is one of the biggest forms of influence. As an artist, you have a voice and if you have a voice, then people listen. The messages that are put in music is what impacts the people. What is your message? What are you putting in the minds of others? Words have power, so it is important to make music that helps make the world a better place or at least music that makes people feel good, or just feel.

Question: Tell me about your product line; how did the idea come about to create it? What are you hoping to achieve through it?

Answer: The product line I created is pretty much a visual representation of  the message I represent in my music. I look at myself as a “reminder” for people. I figured I can uplift people in any form of art. The product line I created says little messages on hats and clothing with intent to serve as a reminder of the importance of self care and self love. What I hope to achieve through that is to create visually appealing and fashionable pieces that uplifts people on a day to day basis.

Question: What are the values you are hoping to inspire in your audience?

Answer: The values I hope to inspire in my audience are simple. Know your worth, drink more water, cut out the toxic things and people, pray more, and choose love. I mean, it’s more than that, but I def. do this to spread light and good energy with hopes to inspire people to do the same.

Question: What are your plans for the future?

Answer: My plans for the future are to never stop creating.