The Grace & Dalmar Show – Episode 7

It’s time for Grace & Dalmar episode 7! This episode, we’re featuring Ballake Sissoko and Vincent Segal (3/9), Kneedelus (3/24), and Tinariwen with Dengue Fever (4/10).

The Grace & Dalmar Show is a short web series that highlights upcoming artists at The Cedar, hosted by Grace Evenson (Cedar Booking Coordinator) and Dalmar Yare (Cedar Artist in Residence). For more information and tickets for the shows mentioned in this episode, go to

Ballake Sissoko and Vincent Segal are legendary musicians. Individually, they are masters of their respective instruments: Sissoko, a renowned kora player from Mali, and Segal, a classically trained French cellist and bassist. Together, their collaborative efforts create a unique and ethereal sound, with roots in West African troubadour songs and Baroque music combined with a clear modern sensibility. While their work would not be mistaken for a jazz, it does share that spirit in the sense that it is a snapshot of two musicians listening and responding to each other with an almost telepathic connection. Their first album Chamber Music appeared on numerous best of lists in both Europe and America, and their second album Musique de Nuit builds on that legacy. Be sure to come see them at The Cedar March 9.

Kneedelus is a live collaboration between the electric jazz quintet Kneebody and the innovative electronic musician Alfred Darlington, better known by his stage name Daedelus. Their collaboration had its roots in a high school friendship between Darlington and Ben Wendel, but it wasn’t until Wendel won a composition grant through Chamber Music America that they two musicians were able to fully explore collaboration. The result of their efforts was a 9 song set of original music. This is currently the only Kneedelus show scheduled in the entire world. The show, co-presented by The Walker Art Center, will be at The Cedar March 24.

Tinariwen is a group of Tuareg musicians from the Sahara Desert region of Northern Mali. Their music is about this homeland and their complicated relationship with it. The area has been subjected to much conflict and turmoil in recent years and as a result the members of Tinariwen have not been able to go back. Though this struggle and heartbreak is evident in their music, so is their deep love for the land and their hope for the future.

Opening for Tinariwen is the Cambodian group Dengue Fever. Styling their sound after a type of music that was persecuted for a time when Khmer Rouge took power in 1975, Dengue Fever is a unique blend of Cambodian pop and psychedelic rock. In 2013 they formed their own label Tuk Tuk Records and as a result their latest release The Deepest Lake (2015), was conceptualized, written, recorded, produced, and released entirely by the band.