Behind The Scenes: Rehearsal with Nimco Yasin

Check out a special behind-the-scenes rehearsal with Nimco Yasin!


Nimco Yasin rose to fame as part of a member of the legendary Waaberi Group in the 80s. Waaberi Group was Somalia’s government-sponsored music and dance troupe that included the most talented singers, musicians, and dancers in the country. With more than 300 members over its 30-year existence, the group was a source of national pride and toured the world multiple times. Known for her striking voice and emotional love ballads, Nimco Yasin eloquently revives the vintage qaraami (or “Somali jazz”) sound that Waaberi was known for, while bringing it into a modern context.

Nimco Yasin will be performing in Minneapolis (3/31), Mankato (4/8), and St. Cloud (4/15) as part of her 2017 Midnimo residency along with local musicians including deVon Russell Gray, Harbi, DeCarlo Jackson, Deevo Dee and DeVante Jackson. Tickets for all three shows are available at