April Highlights at The Cedar

Check out our playlist featuring all of our April 2017 artists on Spotify, and read about our top picks below.

Liz Vice – Thursday April 6th
Liz Vice has one amazing origin story. At age 15 she was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease. In total, she spent over 3 years on dialysis and faced countless complications that brought her closer to death every time. After a long and miraculous recovery, her initial plan was to become a filmmaker. She hoped to “make films and put people of color in them with no stereotypes attached.” Her path changed, however, after joining her church’s choir. While, stage fright typically kept her in the chorus, one day she was asked to solo in front of the entire congregation. She conquered her stage fright and almost immediately began recording songs. Though it is not the filmmaking career Vice had imagined for herself, she has found her own way to kindle positive social change. Her optimism is infectious. Check out her jaw dropping performance of “Truly Today” with KEXP below, and don’t forget to pick up tickets to see her at The Cedar Thursday April 6th.


Tinariwen – Monday April 10th
Tinariwen is a group of Tuareg musicians from the Sahara Desert region of Northern Mali. Their music is about this homeland and their complicated relationship with it. The area has been subjected to much conflict and turmoil in recent years and as a result the members of Tinariwen have not been able to go back. Though this struggle and heartbreak is evident in their music, so is their deep love for the land and their hope for the future. They are legends to the youth of Northern Mali, serving as a beacon and rallying point for like minded individuals. Check out their video for Islegh Taghram  Tifhamam below, and pick up tickets for their show at The Cedar Monday April 10th here.


San Fermin – Friday April 14th

San Fermin, brainchild of songwriter and bandleader Ellis Ludwig-Leone, has evolved time and time again. From their first, self-titled, “complex and intoxicating” release of  2013, to their upcoming Belong, San Fermin has grown from a single man’s creative outlet to a fully formed eight piece indie-rock band, all the while maintaining their poised and grandiose combination of classical symphonic sounds with quintessential rock and pop sensibilities. Their Tiny Desk Concert highlights their technical talent and emotional range. Check it out below and pick up tickets for their show here.



The Last Revel – Saturday April 15th

This trio from Minneapolis has taken classic Front Porch Americana and made it all their own. With influences ranging from folk and rockabilly, to old time string-band and classic rock, their sound is both authentic and enduring. They effortlessly combine a plethora of instruments, including acoustic guitar, upright bass, fiddle, 5-string banjo, harmonica, kick drum. Top it all off with their effortless three-part vocal harmonies and they are a musical force that can’t be ignored. They have been praised for their incredible live energy and their honest and meaningful lyrics. To get a glimpse of both check out the video of their Live Lake Session below and be sure to drop by The Cedar’s Event Page for more information and tickets.


Peter Mawanga & The Amaravi Movement – Monday April 24th
Hailing from Malawi, Peter Mawanga & The Amaravi Movement effortlessly blend together traditional melodies and rhythms with modern sounds into a genre they have dubbed “afro-vibes.” They employ a mixture of instruments from the typical rock outfit (drums, bass, and guitar) to traditional Malawian instruments, such a the marimba and thumb piano. Peter Mawanga writes their lyrics in his dialect of Chichewa and uses his position to act as a “voice for the voiceless,” with lyrics that are socially conscious and speak for Malawi’s underprivileged. For a glimpse, check out the clip below. And don’t forget to pick up tickets here!

Timber Timbre – Saturday April 29th

This Canadian four piece consisting of Taylor Kirk, Simon Trottier, Mathieu Charbonneau, and Olivier Fairfield has tapped into something truly unique. Their sound is notoriously hard to describe, but calling it “an aesthetic rooted in swampy, ragged blues” comes somewhere close. Their first full-length Creep On Creepin On (2011) was nominated for two JUNO Awards and made the Polaris Music Prize Short List. Check out the live version of their song “Demon Host,” recorded for NPR Tiny Desk at SXSW. And don’t forget to pick up tickets for their show at The Cedar Saturday April 29th here.

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Brenna Tierney – Spring Marketing Intern