July Highlights Post




Check out our playlist featuring all of our June 2017 artists on Spotify, and read about our top picks below.




Big Thief – Wednesday, July 5th

The true power of Big Thief lies in the uniquely emotive and powerful voice of lead singer Adrianne Lenker– in their latest album, Capacity, devastatingly heartfelt lyrics cascade from her mouth like endless ribbons. The emotional depth of their music is underpinned by stories of Lenker’s complex upbringing, with songs inspired by events like a close call with death after being struck in the head by a fallen railroad pick to her early years in a Indianapolis cult. Featuring Lenker’s longtime musical partner Buck Meek on guitar and backing vocals, Max Oleartchik on bass, and James Krivchenia on drums, Big Thief crafts a complex folk-indie musical soundscape drawing in strangely specific yet universal narratives. Check out this clip of Big Thief performing two of their most acclaimed songs on NPR Tiny Desk below and come be enchanted by their in person  at The Cedar on Wednesday, July 5th. tickets for their show are still available here.



H.U.B. – Thursday, July 6th

Unless you have been living under a rock for the past five years, you have probably caught wind of K-Pop, Korea’s upbeat, synth-driven pop genre that has received international recognition over the last few years. For the first time ever, The Cedar will be indulging in a little K-Pop and a whole lot of dancing with H.U.B (Hope You Bounce), an energetic, multi-talented girl group hailing from Seoul, Korea. With all original songs, compositions, and choreography, H.U.B delivers a performance that is equal parts irresistibly danceable and musically infectious. Come out to The Cedar on July 6th to bounce along with H.U.B, opening with performances by Salv and JC Park. Get a small taste of these perfectly synchronized pop performers in the clip below; tickets for their show are still available here.



Sidewalk Chalk – Thursday, July 13th

An Orchid is Born is the album that Chicago-based sextet Sidewalk Chalk has been waiting to produce since their inception– a musical episode that not only symbolizes a new chapter in the band’s development, but also effectively embodies the emotional turbulence of this moment in American history. Their music is described as “the evolution of jazz, hip-hop, and soul”, combining elements of all three styles to create a truly nuanced sound that ventures past the confines of any one genre. In An Orchid is Born, Sidewalk Chalk’s dedication to social issues is articulated through politically charged rap lyrics, and colored by jazz vocals that run like a river. In their most powerful cut, “A Suite for Black Lives”, a song inspired by the Black Lives Matter movement, Sidewalk Chalk decries the treatment of brown and black individuals at the hands of an increasingly brutal police force. In their most powerful and important album to date, Sidewalk Chalk preaches the gospel of self-acceptance, self-love, and surviving the darkest moments of life in the United States. Check out their evocative music video for the song Dig below; tickets are still on sale here.




Mary Bridget Davies – Sunday, July 16th

If you missed musical legend Janis Joplin perform in her heyday, you may be in luck– the musical stylings of the late rock singer-songwriter are emulated almost perfectly through singer Mary Bridget Davies. Davies was Tony-Nominated for her ability to capture the essence of one of the most influential rocker chicks to ever live in the Broadway sensation A NIGHT WITH JANIS JOPLIN. She will be joined by a quartet to play Joplin hits, other covers, and even some original tunes at The Cedar on July 16th, joined by the an up-and-coming all female rock band, Rebel Queens. Watch a live performance of Mary Bridget Davies in character as Janis Joplin to catch a glimpse of her tremendous performance abilities; tickets are still on sale here.




DJ Rekha – Saturday, July 22nd

In 2008, when DJ Rekha performed at the White House, then-President Obama quipped that Rekha’s original hybrid of Bhangra music under contemporary electronic beats was a “uniquely American sound, that may not have been heard in the White House before.” As a first-generation Indian American DJ, Rekha Malhorta’s musical style reflects the elements that constitute her identity and upbringing– the upbeat and highly infectious sound of Bhangra dance music, popular in diasporic Indian and Pakistani communities, underpinned by the gritty hip-hop rhythms of her youth in New York City. Known as the “Ambassador of Bhangra music in North America”, DJ Rekha feeds off the vibe of the audience with her off-the-cuff style of spinning, bringing droves of listeners to her monthly New York “Basement Bhangra” parties. DJ Rekha’s show at The Cedar on July 22nd is co-presented by Ragamala Dance Company, so polish your dance shoes for a night of blasting bhangra. For a nice warm up leading to the performance, check out the music video below of one of DJ Rekha’s hits “Pyar Baile”; tickets are still available here.



Amadou & Mariam – Thursday, July 27th

Following in the footsteps of some of the most beloved and heartwarming musical couples in history– Sonny and Cher, Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham, or even Brittany Spears and Justin Timberlake– Amadou and Mariam enchant audiences with not only their one-of-a-kind Afropop style, but also the undeniable gravitational pull of their love. The singing-songwriting duo met while at an institution for the blind, where they were both studying to become musicians. Now, with the release of their newest album, La Confusion, these lovebirds have proved yet again that their sound is continuously developing. With Amadou’s bluesy guitar riffs and electronic four-on-the-floor thump in communion with Mariam’s warm and intoxicating vocals, the couple takes listeners into uncharted Afro-electronic musical territory. Come to their show at The Cedar Cultural Center on July 27th for a celebration of Afrobeat, dancing, and the journey of love . Check out a clip of the heartwarming and funky stylings of Amadou and Mariam below; tickets are still available here.


– Michael Karadsheh

Summer 2017 Marketing Intern