August Highlights Post

Check out a playlist of all our August 2017 artists on Spotify, and read up on our top picks below.


Songs of Kabir – Sunday, August 6th

“Music doesn’t have any religion. Music itself is a religion.” These are the words of singer, songwriter and classical Indian composer Dr. Pooja Goswami Pavan. With her almost hypnotizing vocals underscored by the dynamic swings of the sitar, Dr. Pooja Pavan performs classical and semi-classical Indian music that can enchant any listener. Accompanied by a harmonium, the dholak, and her husband Dr. A Pavan on the tabla, Dr. Pooja Pavan will be presenting a live, musical accompaniment to the poetry of Kabir on August 6th at The Cedar. Kabir was an iconoclastic 15th-century Indian poet-saint whose work exposes a universal message of love. His poetry, both ethereal and earthy at the same time, has greatly influenced the Bhakti and Sufi movements in India while expressing some of life’s most profound truths in pithy, sublime and evocative language. If you would like to learn more about Dr. Pooja Pavan’s work as an artist and an educator, watch the video below; tickets are still available here.



8/11 Centavrvs – Friday, August 11th

Like the half-man half-horse fabled beast, Centavrvs produces fusion melodies that mix the traditional Mexican corrido genre and sounds from around Latin America with smooth, danceable electronic rhythms.  The corrido is a popular form of ballad, with songs that address oppression, history, daily life for peasants, and other socially relevant topics. Centavrvs’ concept is an honest attempt to reinterpret the present idea of being Mexican, quickly becoming a musical reference to what Mexico sounds like today. Originally from Mexico City, Centavrvs will be bringing their new wave of Mexican rock to The Cedar’s stage on August 11th featuring DJ Miguel Vargas of Radio Poncho. In the meantime, check out this hauntingly beautiful video for Centavrvs’ song Por Eso; tickets are still available here.



SsingSsing – Sunday, August 13th

A performance by Korean rock-folk band SsingSsing is a musically and visually electrifying experience. Six musicians from diverse genres come together to create a unique sound comprised of seemingly disparate elements: the heart thumping rock and roll rhythm underscores the oscillating vocals of traditional Korean folk music. To truly understand the nuances of SsingSsing, you must look at the band’s eclectic visual style– very glam, very unapologetic, and very ready to subvert traditional gender roles. Paying homage to male shamans in Korean traditional art who channel both the male and female spirits,  the band performs in a blown-out drag style. “I have to overcome the fact of my being a male sorikkun (singer), and try my utmost to bring a more neutral, unisex feeling to the performance. It sounds silly, but I feel like going to back to the sensibilities of my youth,” explained lead vocalist Hee-moon Lee. Get ready to rock out with SsingSsing on August 13th at The Cedar featuring Minnesota natives Daniel & The Real Feels. Check out this video to learn more about the shamanistic sound of SsingSsing; tickets for their show are still available here.



Carrie Rodriguez – Saturday, August 19th

On her latest record, Lola, self-proclaimed “half-gringa, half-Chicana” fiddle player Carrie Rodriguez channels her inner honky-tonk songstress, fusing exhilarating country rhythms with a signature mix of Spanish and English lyrics. A heartfelt performer, Carrie Rodriguez effortlessly melds fierce fiddle playing, enticing vocals, and a fresh interpretation of new and classic songs with her signature “Ameri-Chicana” attitude. Inspired by her Great Aunt, iconic Chicana vocalist Eva Garza, Rodriguez incorporates instrumentations from her favorite 1940’s Mexican composers with a tangy, Texas-bred twist. Get ready to indulge in the timeless “Spanglish” entertainer Carrie Rodriguez on August 19th featuring Pat Donohue. For a sneak peak at the soulful stylings of Carrie Rodriguez, check out her NPR tiny desk below; tickets are still available here.



The Barefoot Movement – Wednesday, August 23rd

Although the name suggest otherwise, you are going to want to strap on your dancing boots for The Barefoot Movement’s energetic performance this August at The Cedar. Whether you are seeking an emotional ballad, some bangin’ bluegrass barn-burners, or maybe even a nostalgic tune, The Barefoot Movement is sure to deliver a little bit of something for everyone. The Nashville based, four-piece acoustic band has enjoyed a career of almost non-stop touring, and has even earned acclaim from CMT edge who named them “one of the most promising bands on the bluegrass scene.” So come on down, lace up your bootstraps, and get ready to move your feet with some of bluegrass’s most entertaining performers, The Barefoot Movement, on August 23rd at The Cedar. Watch this foot-stomping music video for The Barefoot Movement’s song Anywhere I Plant My Feet before catching them live at The Cedar; tickets are still available here.



Paa Kow – Monday, August 28th

An artist as intrinsically talented as Paa Kow only comes around once in a great while. Born in a small Ghanaian village, Paa Kow was known to make music using what was available to him– metal cans, wires, string, or even the occasional sandal. Overcome by the spirit of music, Paa Kow quickly became a acclaimed fixture in the drumming scene of Ghana. His second studio album, Ask, presents the latest development in Kow’s Afro-Fusion sound; Paa Kow continues to stun listeners with an original fusion of West African pop vocals with Jazz impressions. Come to The Cedar on August 28th to get your fix of the rhythmically precise, percussion soaked sound of Paa Kow. Check out this thunderous performance by Paa Kow below; tickets are still available here.



– Michael Karadsheh

Summer 2017 Marketing Intern