Virtuosic Ghanaian Drummer Paa Kow Comes to The Cedar August 28th

Born in a small Ghanaian village, Paa Kow got the name “Small Drummer-Boy” because of his virtuosic talent and uncanny ability to make a drum out of whatever he could find– wires, old cans, and even a worn-out pair of sandals. His musical ingenuity continues to this day with his second studio album, Ask, presenting the latest development in Kow’s Afro-Fusion sound, stunning listeners with a unique blend of West African pop vocals mixed with percussion-soaked jazz arrangements. His next stop is The Cedar Cultural Center on Monday, August 28th with Sesay & The Good Thyme.



Get tickets ($12) for Paa Kow with Sesay & The Good Thyme on Monday, August 28th here.