For Android: Google TalkBack

Use TalkBack gestures

TalkBack gestures let you navigate quickly on your Android device.

There are three types of gestures in TalkBack: basic gestures, back-and-forth gestures, and angle gestures. For all gestures, use a single motion, a steady speed, and even finger pressure.

Basic gestures

Action Gesture
Move to next item on screen Swipe right
Move to previous item on screen Swipe left
Cycle through navigation settings Swipe up or down
Select focused item Double-tap

Back-and-forth gestures

Action Swipe
Move to first item on screen Up then down
Move to last item on screen Down then up
Scroll forward
(if you’re on a page longer than one screen)
Right then left
Scroll back
(if you’re on a page longer than one screen)
Left then right
Move slider up
(such as volume)
Right then left
Move slider down
(such as volume)
Left then right

Angle gestures

These gestures are two-part swipes at a right angle. For example, the default gesture for going to the Home screen is to swipe up then left at a sharp 90-degree angle.

Action Swipe
Home button Up then left
Back button Down then left
Overview button Left then up
Notifications Right then down
(see note below)
Open local context menu Up then right
Open global context menu Down then right

PDF Google Talback: Use TalkBack Gestures (PDF)