Getting to Know Tannahill Weavers

  Legendary Scottish group Tannahill Weavers are celebrating their 50th anniversary with their new album Òrach (Gaelic “Golden”). Their award-winning music breathes new life into Scotland’s vast repertoire of traditional melodies and songs. The group’s unique combination of powerful pipe solos, driving guitar, and ethereal flute make their performances unforgettable.   We spoke with flautist Phil Smillie […]

A Conversation with Emerging Local Artist Dua

  Dua is a multidisciplinary performing artist based in Minneapolis. Most recently making their mark with musical collaborators Psymun and Mike Frey, this budding artist has also gained attention in the film and theater world as a director and performer. Though working steadily as a performing artist, Dua has primarily been known for political organizing and workshop facilitation throughout the […]

A Conversation with Local Rocker Dan Israel

  Local artist Dan Israel’s You’re Free is a response to personal, political, and cultural crises by a singer-songwriter who happens to be in midlife. The album, Israel’s fourteenth studio creation, was produced during a transitional period for the Twin Cities native. After twenty-one years on the job, Israel left his editorial position at the nonpartisan […]

Catching Up With Roma di Luna

  When local folk band Roma di Luna announced they were disbanding in the midst of former husband-and-wife duo Channy Leaneagh and Alexei Moon Casselle’s 2011 split, longtime fans shifted their attention to the band member’s other projects, such as Kill The Vultures, POLIçA, and FRAEA. Against many odds, the band reunited for an unexpected […]

Understanding Local Genre-Benders Srazhalys

  The group Srazhalys was unwittingly formed in 2002 when J Roth mistook a domra for a balalaika. He’d been traveling across Russia looking for an affordable balalaika to bring home with him. It wasn’t until his final destination: St. Petersburg that he found a secondhand shop selling folk instruments. After carefully scrutinizing each instrument, […]

A Conversation with Master Turntablist Kid Koala

  Kid Koala is a world-renowned scratch DJ, music producer and award-winning graphic novelist. His music ranges from his five ecclectic solo albums, the most recent being Music To Draw To: Satellite featuring Icelandic singer Emilíana Torrini, to his role in legendary collaborations Gorillaz and Deltron 3030.   We spoke with Kid Koala ahead of his show at […]

Getting to Know Tuvan Throat Singing Masters Alash

  Alash are masters of Tuvan throat singing (xöömei), a remarkable technique for singing multiple pitches at the same time. What distinguishes this gifted trio from earlier generations of Tuvan throat singers is the subtle infusion of modern influences into their traditional music. One can find complex harmonies, western instruments, and contemporary song forms in Alash’s […]

Meet Irish “Celtgrass” Quartet Jigjam

  JigJam is a multi-award winning quartet from the heart of the midlands in Ireland. Blending the best of traditional Irish music with bluegrass and Americana in a new genre which has been branded as ‘CeltGrass’, their onstage energy along with their virtuous musical ability has captivated audiences throughout the world.   We spoke with JigJam […]

Interview: Omar Sosa

  Transparent Water Trio is the new collaboration between prestigious Cuban jazz pianist and composer Omar Sosa and U.K.-based Senegalese kora master and singer Seckou Keita, featuring folkloric Venezuelan percussionist Gustavo Ovalles. The project is the latest example of Omar’s determination to seek new combinations of instruments and cultures. Transparent Water reaches across three continents, gathering artists engaged […]