Cedar Commissions Guest Blog: Dameun Strange

Composer Dameun Strange is one of six 2017 Cedar Commissions artists. His project Helianthus, debuting on February 3rd (get tickets here), is an afrofuturistic conceptual operetta that will tell the story of Strange as a composer and time traveler visiting his matriarchal ancestors at points in time when they learned valuable lessons that were then […]

The Cedar Commissions & KFAI: The Playlist

On Thursday, January 26th, The Cedar collaborated with KFAI Community Radio for a two-hour program featuring artists from The 2016-17 Cedar Commissions. Each of the six artists,  Dameun Strange, Zack Baltich, Krissy Bergmark, Bethany Battafarano, Ritika Ganguly and SEE MORE PERSPECTIVE, shared pieces of music that have influenced their work, which will debut February 3rd & 4th […]

Cedar Commissions Guest Blog: Ritika Ganguly

Composer and vocalist Ritika Ganguly is one of six 2017 Cedar Commissions artists. Her project, debuting on February 3rd (get tickets here), is a place where poem meets song. It explores the inherent musicality of literature straddling 19th century Bengal to contemporary New Delhi to Victorian England to 20th century Chile. Ganguly is collaborating with Mexican and Indian musicians to render […]

Cedar Commissions Guest Blog: SEE MORE PERSPECTIVE

MC and spoken word artist SEE MORE PERSPECTIVE is one of six 2017 Cedar Commissions artists. His project Flow and the Bow, a collaboration with cellist Eric Silva Brenneman, is debuting on February 4th (get tickets here). Experimenting around the intersection between hip-hop and classical music, Eric and SEE are exploring and testing the dynamics between “one […]

Cedar Commissions Guest Blog: Krissy Bergmark

Composer and tabla player Krissy Bergmark is one of six 2017 Cedar Commissions artists. Her project, debuting on February 4th (get tickets here), is built upon an intimate, emotional story line created through a “compositional conversation” with dancer Lauren Baker. Bergmark and Baker have exchanged excerpts of music and choreography to create a three movement piece for tabla, […]

Photo Essay: The Cedar’s West Bank Partners

The Cedar Cultural Center exists within a diverse ecosystem of arts organizations, performance spaces, restaurants, and cultural landmarks on the West Bank.  Home to the largest Somali community in the United States as well as a substantial student population due to the University of Minnesota and the nearby Augsburg College, the Cedar Riverside neighborhood is fertile ground for creativity and […]

Seasons of Growth: A Year at The Cedar

What does a year at The Cedar look like? Take a trip through our 27th season with Executive Director Adrienne Dorn! Support from music lovers like you keeps The Cedar growing strong year after year. Make your contribution today at https://donations.thecedar.org/

2016-17 Cedar Commissions Artists Announced

The Cedar Cultural Center is pleased to announce the sixth round of the Cedar Commissions (formerly 416 Commissions), The Cedar’s flagship commissioning program for emerging artists made possible by a grant from the Jerome Foundation. To date, the series has supported the creation of new music by more than 30 artists. The 2016-17 round of artists was selected by a committee of […]