Photos: Nimco Yasin at The Cedar 3/31

Nimco Yasin took to The Cedar’s stage on Friday, March 31st to celebrate the end of her artist residency in Minneapolis. Along with local artist Rahmo Rose, she filled the venue with her striking voice and renditions of emotional love ballads. Nimco will now head to Mankato and St. Cloud for week-long residencies in each city […]

Behind The Scenes: Rehearsal with Nimco Yasin

Check out a special behind-the-scenes rehearsal with Nimco Yasin!   Nimco Yasin rose to fame as part of a member of the legendary Waaberi Group in the 80s. Waaberi Group was Somalia’s government-sponsored music and dance troupe that included the most talented singers, musicians, and dancers in the country. With more than 300 members over […]

The Grace & Dalmar Show – Episode 7

It’s time for Grace & Dalmar episode 7! This episode, we’re featuring Ballake Sissoko and Vincent Segal (3/9), Kneedelus (3/24), and Tinariwen with Dengue Fever (4/10). The Grace & Dalmar Show is a short web series that highlights upcoming artists at The Cedar, hosted by Grace Evenson (Cedar Booking Coordinator) and Dalmar Yare (Cedar Artist […]

Waayaha Cusub Discuss Their Music & Message on KVSC 88.1

This October, Waayaha Cusub, a Somali hip-hop collective that has performed worldwide promoting peace, visited Minneapolis, Mankato and St. Cloud as part of their Midnimo residency. In this interview on KVSC 88.1 in St. Cloud, they discussed their music, their message, and becoming a “band of the people.” Midnimo, the Somali word for “unity,” is […]

The Grace & Dalmar Show – Episode 5

It’s the 5th episode of the Grace and Dalmar Show! This episode features 9th Annual Dosh & Friends with Guitar Party and JT Bates & Anthony Cox​ (12/10), Blackout ft. Joe Davis, Nick Jordan, and Destiny Roberts​ (1/7), and Dan Newton’s Cafe Accordion Orchestra​ (1/14). The Grace & Dalmar Show is a short web series […]

Interview: The Ambassadors

Most bands start off small, playing their first gig at a coffee shop on a weekday night or maybe a house show. The Ambassadors aren’t like most bands. Their first ever show was to a sold-out Saturday night crowd at The Cedar Cultural Center, opening for Somali hip-hop collective Waayaha Cusub. Supported by the Minnesota […]