DANGEROUS MAN 5th Anniversary Bash

The Cedar Presents

DANGEROUS MAN 5th Anniversary Bash

Good Morning Bedlam, Yohannes Tona, New Sound Underground, Unknown Prophets

Sun, January 21, 2018

Doors: 6:30 pm / Show: 7:00 pm

Cedar Cultural Center

Minneapolis, MN

$15 General Admission

This event is 21 and over

This is a standing show with an open floor.

General Admission tickets are available online, by phone, ​at Depth of Field, Electric Fetus, and The Cedar during shows. 

Dangerous Man 5th Anniversary Bash
Dangerous Man 5th Anniversary Bash
After 5 years of making great beer and supporting community in Northeast Minneapolis, we are ready to GET DOWN and celebrate with you! Dangerous Man has joined forces with The Cedar and musical talents of Good Morning Bedlam, Yohannes Tona, New Sound Underground, and Unknown Prophets. We will be taking over the tap lines with your favorites, new creations, and barrel-aged goodness from the depths of our basement. The after-party will be at The Nomad with DJ Steely Dan mixing up Worldwide Discotheque. Bring your family and friends and let's get dangerous for an evening!
Good Morning Bedlam
Good Morning Bedlam
Good Morning Bedlam is often mistaken as siblings, owing partly to their members’ similar looks: two curly, red-haired girls and two guys with Minnesota tattoos and piercings. But their cohesion goes beyond appearances. Their show is an explosion of energy with soaring harmonies, a banjo player that scissor-kicks in the air, a string bass that will shake your chest, and a beat that will have your foot stomping through the floor. One fan describes their music as “furious folk!” Every song is a unique twist on what is generally dubbed as folk music.”We want to surprise our audience from song to song. Rather than creating our music to fit a genre, we allow it to be an outpouring of our own stories and unique sound,” says Isaak, frontman of GMB. One moment they are blasting through a jubilant bluegrass tune, headbanging and careening around the stage, and in the next, Sophia, their fiddler is dancing the Charleston during what can only be described as a modern folk swing dance song. Just when you think you have Good Morning Bedlam pegged, they take you in another direction. You will be treated to a haunting waltz, whistling, jazz scatting, banjo licks, a bass spin, and the euphoria of the violin melodies. When it comes to their lyrical storytelling, Isaak says, “We’re desperate to connect to people through the common human experiences that we write about and the exuberance of our live show. People have a lot of choices of how they’ll kick-back, so we intend to deliver a show where they can be free--to share in whatever they need to--joy, grief, anger, gratefulness, or bedlam!”

Early 2016, Good Morning Bedlam signed with Minneapolis record label Last Triumph and released their first full-length album, Prodigal, and continued to tour the Midwest through the winter. Since playing six shows at SXSW 2017 in Austin, Texas as part of the Last Triumph showcase, Good Morning Bedlam is becoming an innovative force in the Midwest folk scene. 2017 holds big plans for Good Morning Bedlam as they gear up for their second national tour this summer. In October of 2017 they‘ll begin recording their sophomore album at Last Triumph studios.
Yohannes Tona
Yohannes Tona
Anyone who knows Twin Cities jazz will tell you that Yohannes Tona has become one of the most respected bass guitarists on the scene. In the few short years he’s lived here, he’s gone from being an in-demand hired gun for session work and backup

Tona was born and raised in Awassa, a town in Southern Ethiopia. He grew up around music; his father was a church organist, his mother a vocalist. After finishing high school in Awassa, he moved to Addis, the capitol of Ethiopia, to further his musical education. He moved to the US in the late 90’s, attending Berklee College of Music in Boston on a scholarship. He moved to Minneapolis 5 years ago; in addition to his own group Tona also performs with several artists such as Nachito Herrera, Dr. Mambo’s Combo, Bruce Henry, Darnell Davis & the Remnant Gospel Group and Seven Steps to Havana, to name a few.
New Sound Underground
New Sound Underground
Marked by their high-energy, all-instrumental performances, New Sound Underground has become a must-see band in the Minneapolis music scene. The band stands out with all original songs, engaging arrangements and exhilarating live shows. Drawing inspiration from a wide array of styles including funk, jazz, fusion, rock, soul, R&B, and gospel, the band released its debut self-titled album in 2013, a year in which they also went on to play the Telluride Jazz Festival. This success has allowed the band to perform at prominent venues including First Avenue (Minneapolis), The Dakota Jazz Club (Minneapolis), The Twin Cities Jazz Festival ('13,'16), and Prince's renowned "Paisley Park: After Dark" series.

In 2014, New Sound Underground partnered with the legendary venue First Avenue in Minneapolis to start a new concert series called "Funk on First" and held well attended shows that included great local bands from the up-and-coming funk/fusion/jazz scene in the Twin Cities. New Sound Underground was voted "Best Jam Band of 2015" by the Twin Cities local paper City Pages. In March of 2016, the band partnered with Last Triumph's annual Take Off Tour to SXSW in Austin, TX.
Unknown Prophets
Unknown Prophets
Most hip-hop fans around the country know there's something strangely special about the Twin Cities scene. They can flash their indie cred like a fanned out fistful of Franklins just by rattling off a few of the most recognizable names -- Atmosphere and Eyedea & Abilities come to mind. But there's another duo that has quietly helped define their city's place in hip-hop culture since the turn of the millennium: The Unknown Prophets.

Just barely out of high school in 2000, MaD SoN and Big Jess debuted with memorable single "Never" featuring a friend who'd become one of the genre's most recognizable Rhymesayers. The collaboration with Slug was a down-to-earth opus that not only cemented the UPs melodic rap style, it laid their cards on the table: Even though the Prophets might never get signed / Never drop a video or go platinum with our rhymes / It'll be cool just knowin' that we've touched a few / and rocked the mic with some of the dopest emcees too. Little did they know that just three years later they'd release their scrappy World Premier debut featuring a trio of the genre's break-out stars -- Brother Ali, Slug and DJ Abilities -- all artists who continue to support the pair's music career (Slug demanding in a 2008 interview with City Pages that the writer's next Q&A be with the UPs). This deserved recognition took time to build, milestones including Now You Know in 2002 and highly praised The Road Less Traveled in 2006, but it all began in a Northeast Minneapolis classroom.

"Around our junior year of high school, Jess and I started hanging out with the same neighborhood hoodlums and my rock tastes turned toward hip hop," recalls MaD SoN, whose guitar playing in local garage bands earned him the nickname 'Banger Mike' back in the day. "Jess' dad was an incredible jazz/blues guitarist so he was recording using his equipment and asked me to play guitar on one of his songs. I wrote a 16-bar verse one day and used a karaoke machine to record it. I played it for Jess and he was shocked when I told him that it was me rapping.”

At the time, Jess had been submitting his songs to local radio station KMOJ's "Rush It or Flush It" but got flushed every time until the project morphed into a duo. The chemistry between them was confirmed when the next two songs they submitted were instantly "rushed," and thus the Unknown Prophets were born, adding award-winning DJ Willy Lose to the mix shortly after.

Fast forward to 2010, countless shows down the road. The Unknown Prophets won't be found chasing their breath outside First Avenue slapping fives with fellow scene kingpins and talking shop to waste time as it was in the past. Both men have since become fathers and are raising families in the city that brought them up, the first realizations of a matured UPs glimmering through on Big Jess' solo album of '08, The Ride Of Your Life: "I got my wife riding shotgun, kids in the back seat / Forget the freeway, I navigate the back streets."

Rather than flying down rap's superhighway with blinders on, Jess and Mad Son are plowing out their own path and allowing time for scenic detours that teach them even more about life and the crazy business they're in. This is what makes the Unknown Prophets so relatable – something they've easily accomplished over so many radio rappers.

“We don't write about a life we don't live, so our music tends to be on some 'grown man shit,'” Jess explains.

The grown man duo spent the last days of the decade in studio fulfilling their roles as “true DIYers” and on stage promoting their latest album Le System D, a career high-point for both lyricists that further sharpens their tight rhyme style and lets their rock and R&B prowess shine through. And if there's one theme that comes across on this album, it's that The Big Dream they obsessed over as kids since that first single hasn't escaped them at all, it's just grown up, too. The Prophets rapped on “Never” that they might never be the most famous rap stars in the history of the game, but they've got the stamina and the talent to make a serious dent. And that's exactly what they've done.
Venue Information:
Cedar Cultural Center
416 Cedar Ave S
Minneapolis, MN, 55454


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