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THE CEDAR COMMISSIONS Night One: Brianna Lane, Antoine Martinneau, and Tarek Abdelqader

  • The Cedar Cultural Center 416 Cedar Avenue Minneapolis, MN, 55454 United States (map)

The Cedar Presents

THE CEDAR COMMISSIONS Night One: Brianna Lane, Antoine Martinneau, and Tarek Abdelqader

Friday Feb 1, 2019 Doors: 7:00 PM Show: 7:30 PM

All Ages

$10 General Admission / $15 Two-Show Pass

This is a seated show. Single show tickets are available online, by phone, Electric Fetus, and The Cedar during shows. Two Show Passes are only available online and by phone.

“Super interesting ideas” from Minnesota musicians
— The Current

The Cedar Commissions

The Cedar Cultural Center presents the eighth annual Cedar Commissions on February 1st & 2nd, 2019, featuring new works by Antoine Martinneau, Brianna Lane, Jo Kellen, Kashimana, Yigitcan Eryaman and Tarek Abdelqader.

The Cedar Commissions is a flagship program for local emerging artists made possible with a grant from the Jerome Foundation. Since the program began in 2011, the Commissions have showcased new work by over 50 Minnesotan emerging composers and musicians, including Dessa, Aby Wolf, Adam Levy, Maria Isa, Joe Horton, Joey Van Phillips, Gao Hong, Dameun Strange, and many more. Artists receive mentorship and financial support to create 30+ minutes of brand new music.

The six featured artists have been drawing from their lives and experiences to create bold new works of music that touch on themes of childbirth, migration, labor, weather, chronic illness, identity, and more. You’ll hear genres spanning hip-hop, progressive Turkish music, techno beats, and four-part vocal harmonies. It’s a perfect chance to experience the next big thing in Minnesota music!

The first night of the series takes place on Friday, February 1st at 7:30pm and features, in order of appearance:


Tarek Abdelqader

In Authenticity and Identity, Tarek Abdelqader presents a fusion of styles from Palestinian folk music to free improvisation. Inspired by his mixed cultural heritage, Abdelqader’s performance blends Middle Eastern percussion with a prototypical "jazz" rhythm section. Authenticity and Identity avoids strict adherence to a single tradition, creating new compositions where different genres, forms, melodies and grooves coexist in harmony


Antoine Martinneau

Local musician Antoine Martinneau and collaborators will perform a piece named On Love and Labor. Using his love of hip-hop as inspiration, the piece reflects on Martinneau’s emotional relationship to making a living and his search to find a sustainable balance amidst fear of poverty and the daily struggle of combating chronic mental illness. Combining live instrumentation, turntables and spoken rhymes, he will tell a story filled with ups and downs with beats to bob your head to.

Brianna-Lane-02 (1).jpg

Brianna Lane

Awareness Month is a collection of songs offering a glimpse into life with invisible chronic illness. Songwriter, vocalist, and guitar player Brianna Lane takes the audience through one month’s time living with chronic Lyme, Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder (PMDD), depression, and anxiety. Musicians and collaborators Julia Floberg (cello), Jeremy Yalvesaker (electric guitar), Brandon Musser (synth), Victoria Malawey (keys), Jen Bluhm (vocals), and Greg Neis (trumpet) join Lane as she explores chronic illness through sound and music. Awareness Month brings to light what we don't see from people living with invisible chronic illness, and illuminates how compassion is key.  "Be kind, for everyone is fighting a hard battle," Ian Maclaren.