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LANKUM and KIM SO RA - Global Roots Festival 2019

The Cedar Presents

LANKUM and KIM SO RA - Global Roots Festival 2019

Tuesday, September 24th, 2019 / Doors: 7:00 PM / Show: 7:30 PM

All Ages


This is a seated show with general admission, first-come-first-served seating. To request seating or other access accommodations, please go to our Access page. Tickets are free and can be reserved online.

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Kim So Ra: A Sign Of Rain - 7:30pm

Multi-award winning Korean percussionist and composer Kim So Ra is one of the most skilled and prominent janggu (Korean double-headed drum) players in the world. Inspired by nature, her creative, charismatic and modern performances are rooted in traditional Honam Province Jeongeup folk music. In “A Sign Of Rain,” she tries to capture the sound of rain with her ensemble, creating a spectrum of emotions through the interplay of percussion, wind instruments, Korean zither, and projections.

Lankum - 8:30pm

Lankum are a four-piece group from Dublin, Ireland with an alchemical ability to combine traditional folk roots and contemporary undercurrents, forging music that is dark, mysterious and transcendental. Born of years criss-crossing Dublin's folk, squat and experimental scenes, their close vocal harmonies, instrumental interplay and dramatic storytelling pin you to the seat and revive the spirit. It’s folk music that’s angry, progressive, and full of vital force, all supported by the eternal drone of the uilleann pipes.

Thanks to our funders and supporters for making the 2019 Global Roots Festival possible!

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