Lawrence English On Capturing the World's Beautiful Flow of Constant Chaos

Over the past decade, composer, media artist, and curator Lawrence English has been one of the leading international voices in field recording and ambient music. Based in Brisbane, Australia, he has worked extensively across the world, from Antarctica to the Outback and the Amazon to Japan. Through his utterly personal approach to drone and avant-garde music, English's work prompts questions of field and memory and asks audiences to become aware of that which exists at the edge of perception.

Getting to Know Tannahill Weavers

Legendary Scottish group Tannahill Weavers are celebrating their 50th anniversary with their new album Òrach (Gaelic “Golden”). Their award-winning music breathes new life into Scotland's vast repertoire of traditional melodies and songs. The group's unique combination of powerful pipe solos, driving guitar, and ethereal flute make their performances unforgettable.

A Conversation with Emerging Local Artist Dua

Dua is a multidisciplinary performing artist based in Minneapolis. Most recently making their mark with musical collaborators Psymun and Mike Frey, this budding artist has also gained attention in the film and theater world as a director and performer. Though working steadily as a performing artist, Dua has primarily been known for political organizing and workshop facilitation throughout the state of Minnesota through organizations and programs such as Unchain Our Children, Fighting Injustice Through Human Rights and more. They hope to explore art as a means to engage in complex expressions of humanity.