September Highlights at The Cedar

Juana Molina

Based in folktronica, Argentinian singer-songwriter Juana Molina is known for her odd and distinct sounds. She didn't begin as a musician though, finding popularity in her 30's as a sketch comedy actress in various shows, and in 1991, she created her own show titled Juana y Sus Hermanas. After many years of success in television, Juana moved on to music, and released her debut album Rara in 1996. Since then, she has released six studio albums with the most recent being Halo, which was released in 2017 with fantastic reviews. Watch the official music video for "Cosoco" from her latest album, and catch Juana Molina at The Cedar on Sunday, September 9th.

Mark Kozelek

Ohio-born singer-songwriter Mark Kozelek has been an active presence in the music industry for nearly 30 years, creating a beautiful, emotional, and truly unique sound. Known for his work in Red House Painters and Sun Kil Moon, Kozelek has expanded his repertoire and began his solo career in 2001. Alongside creating successful studio albums, Kozelek has also worked in film, composing scores for high-profile movies including The Pretenders (2018). His self-titled debut solo album was released in May of 2018, and showcases the raw talent and powerful voice that no one but Mark Kozelek could deliver. Check out the official video for “Weed Whacker” off of the new album, and be sure to see Mark Kozelek at The Cedar on Wednesday, September 12th.

Sona Jobarteh

Sona Jobarteh is a Kora virtuoso, but what makes it more amazing is the fact that she is the first female to achieve this feat. The young English and Gambian musician uses her music and platform to spread the beauty and culture of West Africa. Her sound is authentic to her culture, while also giving a twist that makes the music resonate with people of all different backgrounds. Made up of Kora, ethereal melodies, and passion, Sona Jobarteh’s upcoming album is sure to be amazing. The video for her latest single “Gambia” is out now, and see Sona Jobarteh at The Cedar on Monday, September 17th.

Lemon Bucket Orkestra

Twelve-piece brass band Lemon Bucket Orkestra brings a unique sound to current music. Active since 2010, the band is Balkan-influenced and full of complex rhythms and arrangements, which they perfectly execute in live performances. Overtime the group has evolved their sound, but continue to stay true to the traditional genre from which they were inspired. Their new album, If I Had The Strength, is to be released November 3rd, 2018, with promise of emotive songwriting and the classic Lemon Bucket Orkestra sound. Watch their latest video for “Freedom”, a song from the upcoming album, and see Lemon Bucket Orkestra at The Cedar on Wednesday, September 19th.


English instrumentalist quartet Spiro have been creating music for 25 years. They are known for defying genres, and creating a sound unique to them. Full of complex string arrangements featuring the viola, violin, mandolin, and guitar, Spiro grabs attention with their incredible talent. The groups’ latest album Repeater, released in 2016 is a compilation of Spiro’s greatest hits from their previous four studio albums. Watch a live studio recording of their song “Burning Bridge” and see Spiro at The Cedar on Sunday, September 23rd.

Jupiter & Okwess

Afropop group Jupiter & Okwess is a unique combination of Congolese rhythms, Western groove, and psychedelic soul. The group has traveled the world performing in clubs, large venues, and festivals alike, always receiving a positive response from the crowd no matter where they are.  Their latest album Kin Sonic, was released in early 2017, and has only aided in the growth and popularity of the band. With music containing references to culture, and humanity as a whole, Jupiter & Okwess have succeeded in making their music accessible to all types of people. Watch the official music video for their latest single “Ekombe”, and see Jupiter & Okwess at The Cedar on Tuesday, September 25th.

Molsky’s Mountain Drifters

Recently re-formed folk trio Molsky's Mountain Drifters is ready to show the world their new sound. Headed by Grammy-nominated artist Bruce Molsky, Molsky’s Mountain Drifters share a gentle, heart-warming sound that is seldom found in today’s music industry. Their music is based around amazing fiddle, banjo, and guitar instrumentals, with beautiful vocals from Bruce Molsky himself. The group made their debut in 2016 with a self-titled album, and have grown immensely already. Watch the trio perform “Across The Plains of Illinois” from their newest album, and be sure to see Molsky’s Mountain Drifters at The Cedar on Wednesday, September 25th.

Rita Coolidge

Music legend Rita Coolidge has not let time slow her down. Today, at 73 years old, she continues to create beautiful music and art. With a life full of achievements, including Grammy awards and Billboard hits, Rita Coolidge has the experience needed in order to make authentic and truthful music. Her latest album, Safe in The Arms of Time, was released in May of 2018, and shows that despite her age, Rita still has the ability to work and produce wonderful content for all. Watch the video for “Walking on Water”, a single from her newest album, and catch Rita Coolidge at The Cedar on Thursday, September 27th.