Don't have a Global Roots Festival Reservation? Walk Ups are Welcomed!

Dear Cedar friends,

One side effect of making events like The Cedar’s Global Roots Festival free is that people who make advance ticket reservations often don’t show up. As a venue, we’re always trying to walk a fine line between honoring these reservations and letting people who walk up into the show. This year, we had an unprecedented number of advance reservations, and assumed that we would reach capacity on each night of the Festival due to this intense demand. Yet, last night, only 1/4th of those who reserved tickets actually showed up! Additional people walked up, but we had space for many more.

All this is to say, if you don’t have a reservation to see Lankum and Kim So Ra tonight (Tuesday, September 24th) or to 47SOUL and Afrotronix tomorrow (Wednesday, September 25th) and want to attend the shows, PLEASE STILL COME! It is very, very likely that we will have room for you based on last night and prior years of the Festival. We want you at these incredible free concerts! Like last night, we will be letting in folks with reservations from 7:00 - 7:20pm, and then at 7:25pm, we’ll open it up to let in whoever shows up, whether you have a reservation or not.

Do you love The Cedar and the Global Roots Festival? You can help us out by spreading the word. Tag a friend or two that might want to come to these shows on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, or forward on this email to let them know that they can walk up!

Hope to see you at The Cedar tonight and tomorrow!