Global Roots

The Cedar’s mission is to promote intercultural appreciation and understanding through the presentation of global music and dance. Our Global Roots Program is directly tied to that mission, and every year, we bring more than 50 global acts to our stage. In any given month, you’ll find artists from around the world here at The Cedar.

Our free, all ages 2017 Global Roots Festival, taking place September 18-20 2017, will feature six artists from around the globe who are fixtures in their home countries but just starting to make waves internationally. The artists, who are all making their Minnesota debut at The Cedar, include Latin American quartet Ladama and Haitian/Canadian hip-hop artist Vox Sambou, with fresh new multi-national bands ; Korean percussionist Hong Sung Hyun and Iranian tar and setar player Sahba Motallebi, virtuosos in their instruments who are expanding their compositions to play with ensembles; and Cape Verdean accordionist Bitori and Venezuelan vocalist Betsayda Machado, veteran musicians who are bringing a lifetime of experience to the international stage. Read more about all the 2017 Global Roots Festival artists here.



The Global Roots Festival connects 2,000 Minnesotans to unique and innovative artistic voices each year through performances, educational programs, and workshops featuring international musicians. The Global Roots Festival is completely free for audiences, though reservations are encouraged for the evening performances.