Beyond Great Music Video Series Episode #2

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The Cedar has always been at the center of a thriving music community here in the Twin Cities and Minnesota. Now in our 26th Season, this is truer than ever! We need your support to continue to impact artists, patrons and the community in meaningful ways. Episode #2 of our new video series, BEYOND GREAT MUSIC, gives you a glimpse into how The Cedar is fostering the health and vitality of our community through live music. Your support makes these stories happen! Please donate today! 

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Midnimo Creates Unity Between Audience and Performers

Guest blog post by Augsburg student Tina Monje
To fulfill their mission of engaging the community while fostering intercultural appreciation, the Cedar Cultural Center presents Midnimo, a series of performances by musicians of many ethnicities, while highlighting the Somali musicians and traditions. The Somali word midnimo translates to the word unity, hence the Ethiopian funk fusion band, followed by a Somali singer supported by an ensemble from Augsburg College. 
The presentation on Wednesday, September 17, was introduced by an ancient Ethiopian harp and conga drums. As the two musicians stepped onto stage and prepared themselves, someone in the crowd yelled aloud, wondering what the harp’s name was. The drummer got on the mic and shared a name. A Kirar, he said, explaining to the audience that it is an ancient Ethiopian harp.

FREE Screenings of Fishing Without Nets at The Cedar

Fishing Without Nets still of armed pirate

The Cedar confirms four screenings of "Fishing without Nets," a feature film starring Abdikani Muktar, Abdi Siad, Abdiwali Farrah, Abdikhadir Hassan, Reda Kateb and Idil Ibrahim that follows the journey of a Somali father-turned-pirate and his ethical reservations.

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Plan B From Outer Space: Comedian Lizz Winstead is back for 2 nights only! Performing her hilarious Year In Review!

Plan B from Outer Space with Sam BreckenridgeThe Cedar is proud to welcome The Daily Show co-creator, comedian and Twin Cities native Lizz Winstead for two nights to perform her annual hilarious and blistering review of the year's events. Tickets go on sale at noon Fri Oct 10; early ticket purchase is recommended.

More information and tickets for the show on Saturday December 27, 2014.

More information and tickets for the New Year's Eve show on Wednesday December 31, 2014. Read more »

October 2014 Calendar for Download and Printing

October 2014 Calendar detail

One of the busiest months on our calendar, October this year features: high caliber album releases by local faves The Ericksons and Ben Weaver; the inaugural MN Express series takes The Cedar out and about rural Minnesota; a strong line-up of folksingers including Ani DiFranco, Marketa Irglova, Eliza Gilkyson and Julie Fowlis, Cajun powerhouse Beausoleil avec MIchael Doucet, and Chilean hip-hop star Ana Tijoux.  Download the calendar, print it and stick it on your fridge, or peruse our online listings with plenty of videos.

Feedel Delivers Distinguished Performance

Feedel, an eclectic jazz and R and B group based out of D.C. known for its “Ethiopian sound craft,” brought the Cedar Center alive last Wednesday evening, generating sounds from a unique fusion of soulful jazz, Afro-funk, and Latin styles.  

The union of sounds produced by these artists was both upbeat and exotically eery- a blend of American jazz and African drums. Minale Bezu, in traditional Somali garb, played a dazzling kirar, a harp-like instrument. Drums accompanied the kirar, and Bezu worked the instrument like an electric guitar. 

Araya Woldemichae delivered both euphoric and electro keyboard solos, and after would wave one hand at his band members, directing them as he played. 

Deeqa Bilan and Bob's Band unite at the Cedar

           The crowd sat in quiet curiosity while Bob’s Band took the stage, as one of the many featured performers of the Midnimo series at the Cedar Cultural Center, to set up for their short performance Wednesday Night.  I knew many of the faces in Bob’s Band, including the namesake of the group who had directed a small band that I had played guitar in when I was a sophomore.  I did not know, however, what to expect as the lights turned down low and Bob introduced the Somali singer, Deeqa Bilan, who stepped onto the stage in a stunning brown pantsuit, graced with sharp gold accents.

Fresh Fusion of Sounds at the Cedar

---Guest post by Augsburg student Marcallina James
As a new attendee to events at The Cedar, I was unsure of what to expect at the Global Roots Festival finale on September 17th. However, it was delightful to experience two of the live musical performances that included the Feedel Band and Somali songstress, Deeqa Bilan, accompanied by the Augsburg College World Jazz Ensemble.

Warm lights illuminated an elevated band platform, accentuating the mild musical vibe. Audience seating was a semi-circle arrangement, divided by an open space in the middle, creating an inviting dance area. The room arrangement solicited feelings of wholeness between the performers and the audience members, comprised primarily of college students and local art enthusiasts.
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Ethiopian and Somali sounds swell the Cedar

If I didn’t know better, I would have sworn that the amber sun setting low over The Cedar last Wednesday decided to stick around for a while, sinking out of the 7:30 sky and straight into the stage lights. The honey glow gave the wide, dark concert hall a hushed closeness as the small audience waited for the set to begin, beers in hand.

When the first band started up, the “hushed” fell away, but the closeness remained. Feedel—a Washington, D.C. based band named for the “building block of the Ethiopian alphabet,” the guitar player explained between songs—began their set by introducing the crowd to the kirar, an ancient Ethiopian harp held somewhat like a guitar.

Two Cultures Join Forces to Make New Music at Midnimo

Two Cultures Join Forces to Make New Music at Midnimo

Music always reflects the culture it comes from. Sometimes it tells us where it is from, or when it is from. Sometimes it tells us about the culture itself. But what if it is a blend of two cultures? What does it tell us then? The audience at the Midnimo portion of the Global Roots Festival found out.

On Wednesday, September 17th, two musical styles from opposite sides of the globe joined together onstage at the Cedar Cultural Center to form an eclectic blend of sound. Somalian born songstress Deeqa Bilan stood just off the stage as Bob’s Band set up, she had a look of confidence in her eyes with just a hint of apprehension in her gait as she floated to the microphone at center stage. Bob Stacke introduced the set to the crowd glowing with excitement to show off their new cross-culture adventure.

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